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Posted August 13, 2003 

Linda Scott

Dear All,

I, like all of you who are reading this, had a teen who was destroying himself and our family with his behavior. It was running and ruining our lives. I had to make a decision to save his life and ours. This I did! On October 22,2002, I had my only son escorted to Casa by the Sea. My escorts were chosen with utmost care. They are graduates of a program! They know how it is. Guiding Light Family Services! My son was taken to the airport and then driven to beautiful Casa by the Sea.

Since then many things have happened. I have attended seminars thru Resource Realizations which help me see the whole picture. Joseph's father has also attended the first seminar and will be continuing his seminar journey in August. The wonderful change that is occurring in our family unit is unbelievable. Talking with honesty. Talking about and living our values. Have you ever sat down and discussed with your family your values. I hadn't! I just assumed they knew! My son has also gone to his seminars there at the facility. He is growing and maturing. He knows that he has choices. They are his and he can make a new choice if they aren't working for him.

This was the hardest decision I have ever made and the most rewarding. I am thankful that I have a program that has done so much for us. It truly is an emotional roller coaster ride which I participating in and learning from. If you have any questions or would like to just talk please call me.

Take care and make your own choice!

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