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Posted September 16, 2002 

JoAnn Ricks
San Jose, CA 95117

I just wanted to write some thing in defense of another's view point of Cross Creek Manor. My grand daughter has been at the facility for eight months. I have toured the facility twice and never did I see a room with concrete floors. I did see the isolation or study hall room which is very small with only a table and chairs. The staff have never verbally abused my grand daughter because she would have told me when we were alone with her during one of our visits. What this lady is making claim to is what her grand daughter has told her. When children are out of control and are put in a facility to help them get into control, they will do and say anything to get to go home. It's called manipulation and these kids are very good at it. 

I have met several graduates of the programs at Cross Creek. One girl graduated in June 2002. We have been working together on a news article about the WWASP programs. She speaks highly of the school and says that her life was saved by going to this school. I have staffed parent seminars with other grads from the program. It seems to me that after they graduate from the program, they would  have the ability to tell about anything that happened to them that was unlawful or hurtful to them in any way. They haven't said anything like that at all. I see them in service to new parents in the programs. They tell their stories freely, without fear; and not once have I heard anything about being abused in any way. What I have seen is how these new parents ask any question they want to ask of these graduates; and the graduates answer the questions with love and care. Every graduate that I have spoken to has said that they appreciate what they got from their program. 

If I were ever called into a court of law to testify for Cross Creek, I would do it without hesitation.

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