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Parent Letter

Nancy and Chuck Crow

July 5, 2006

To anyone considering New Summit Academy placement for their son

Our son just completed his junior year and plans to finish his senior year at NSA before returning home to attend college. When our son returns for family visits he is respectful, cooperative, and loving. He has shown tremendous growth in all areas of his life; school, personal development and improved family relations.

New Summit Academy exceeded all of our expectations with respect to administering to our son's psychological, social and academic needs. Just a little over a year ago our family was in crisis with an angry son whose experimentation with drugs began his rapid slide into depression, disrespectful, reckless behavior, truancy, poor grades, anger, violent outbursts at home, hostility and out of control behavior. We made a very quick decision to send him to a therapeutic boarding school to insure his safety and the opportunity to break the destructive behavior cycle. Why Costa Rica and particularly, why New Summit Academy (NSA)? First and foremost, we believed that living outside of the U.S. and being immersed in a foreign language and culture would broaden and enrich our son's life's experience. We felt the academic environment at NSA was supportive and structured to provide our son opportunities to acquire the tools necessary to get into and succeed in college and life. Even more important is the counseling component, which has been key to our son's turnaround. Finally, the home-stay family is an added bonus in that our son spends time with a Costa Rican family who genuinely cares about him and share precious family time with him.

Our family relationship has improved and we're excited to witness our son's maturation and growth in all areas of his development. On a recent home visit he honestly communicated how he missed the family, his home, and surroundings but also shared that he knew that returning to New Summit Academy to complete his senior year was the best option for him.

We give high praise and our enthusiastic endorsement to the program. We are open to speak with anyone interested in learning more about our son's experience with NSA.

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