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Posted April 30, 2004 

June 30, 2001

Dear Lon:

Approximately three years ago I contacted you regarding my 12 year old son….. The night I contacted you, he had run away, yet again. Your calming, sensible advice were of great comfort. We stayed calm. ….. was immediately sent to an outdoor wilderness program, SUWS – he went willingly – he hadn’t any ideas about the journey he was about to take. After 6 weeks at SUWS we then sent him directly on to a structure boarding school in Dewey, Arizona, Blue Hills Academy. He spent 2 years there and returned home last July, 2000. He successfully completed his freshman year at a small private high school…. He sees a therapist once a week (one who he has seen since third grade, with the exception of his time away). Things are really going well – not perfect, but very normal for a 15 year old. We wrote a home contract before he came and he has pretty much complied, with the exception of smoking cigarettes.

We as does his therapist, want to send him to an outdoor leadership program…

… would do well in a slightly more therapeutic program, but not a SUWS or ASCENT-type program. He is clearly past the crisis period. What type of wilderness program/leadership program supports a structured school graduate with further growth and development. A type of mid level support, not that of the crisis wilderness programs, but yet not of the totally non-therapeutic program either?

San Angelo, California

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