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Posted December 3, 2004 

Hi Lon,

I enjoyed reading your article "Out of the Sixties" as my daughter Carrie went to New Dominion School, a part of Three Springs. While she was there, I read a copy of Campbell Loughmiller's "Wilderness Road" that I bought second-hand off the Internet. I think since then, the book has been reprinted. If you don't offer it on your website, I recommend you do, as it gives excellent insight into how the program operates.

My daughter is now 17-1/2, and on July 9 it will be 2 years since she left NDS after 18 months of treatment. She has one more year of high school, and has begun shopping around for colleges. She wants to get her degree in psychology and go back and do an internship at the program ... but then as most teenagers, she may change her mind a time or two. She's now into theater (acting, singing, set design, costume design) and may head in that direction.

As always, thank you for your amazing website. There's literally nothing else like it out there for families in crisis. It feels so good to be on an even keel again, and I'm a much better parent having learned so much from you.

Take care,

Cindy Cross Brookshire

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