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Posted April 30, 2004 

May 15, 2001

Dear Lon,

I wanted you to know how much R. and I appreciated your speaking to us personally and tell you how refreshing your direct, no-nonsense approach to evaluating our situation and (Child) was for us.

Interestingly enough, I stumbled on your Web site by accident when researching possible programs for (Child) some months ago. I just happened to be assigned a seat right next to a CEDU escort who just happened to be on the same plane I flew out on to pick "child" up at Ascent, a man by the name of Chuck Selent, that I was given your name and made aware of your service as Educational Consultant.

As soon as I got back from my trip, I accessed your Web site again and got the office number and read your Woodbury Reports. When I had accessed your site before, I had gone directly to Wilderness Programs as Brush Ranch had suggested we look into. I ordered your book at that time and told my husband about you and the service you offer as well as the comprehensive summary of 100 schools you have assessed. Life does lad us in the right direction so often if our hearts are in the right place and we are paying attention to the signs of detail.

Thank you for your compassionate yet unemotional approach and your straight forwardness devoid of the buzzwords we have heard so often, or any attempts to sugar coat the issue. We look forward to our next conversation with you Lon.

With appreciation,


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