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Posted December 3, 2004 

To Woodbury personnel who approve new logins and passwords:

I stumbled across your web site recently. A few years ago, as the mother of a teenager who was having many conduct problems, I enrolledmy son in Rocky Mountain Academy (RMA) and the results were more than his father and I could ever have hoped for. He is now a student at the U of Minnesota, looking at graduate school opportunities, but more than that, he is a happy, aware individual who is connected with those around him. He just spent a college semester abroad in a program that the U of M contracts with in Amsterdam, and since he knew that I would, as a parent, be a little nervous about him being overseas and in that particular location, he set up a web site on which he posted multiple photos and information to keep us in touch with his actitivities and locations.

As a result of our family's experiences at RMA, not only has my son done well, but I was inspired to change my fown field of interest. I was a biologist and MBA ,and on the basis of my RMA interactions with Bill Valentine and with Mel Wasserman in the last Advanced Workshop that he gave at RMA, I entered the field of psychology. I was just granted my Masters' and am working on my Doctorate, and it is my hope to start a school of my own someday, keeping intact the ideas that Mel and his compatriates developed.

So, on this basis, I am very interested in your web site. I have submitted a registration and have been assigned a login (user) name and a password and am waiting to have approval, as I think that I can gain from hearing the concerns of other parents, as well as being able to contribute to the understanding of others on the basis of my own experience with an emotional growth boarding school.

A.S. Hall

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