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NATSAP Leadership Summit

October 28, 2019

The Summit Charter

NATSAP aims to serve as the voice inspiring, nurturing, and advancing the courageous work of our member schools and programs. To this end, the NATSAP Board has created a Leadership Summit where Program Executives will be able to gather in a collegial manner to discuss operational issues away from the “noise and traffic” at the NATSAP Annual Conference and be afforded opportunities within a safe environment to discuss important and sensitive issues without the presence of professional referral sources.

The focus of the Leadership Summit is one of professional growth and emotionally safe support. Attendees will come to give, serve, and learn together.

The NATSAP Leadership Summit will be held annually and a summary of the discussion will be presented at the NATSAP Annual Conference. Where appropriate, the discussions may lead to the creation of Best Practices and/or be used in creating NATSAP’s annual strategic plan.


  1. No education consultants or referring professionals.
  2. No dedicated program marketing professionals.
  3. Attendance is limited to the members of a program’s executive team (i.e. Executive, Clinical, Program, and Education Director).
  4. Limit of three attendees per program (not organization).
  5. NATSAP members only.
  6. Zero marketing. No exhibitors, internal or external to NATSAP.
  7. No program handouts, flyers, totes, branded gifts, or swag of any kind.
  8. No submission process for presentations. Prior to the Leadership Summit, attendees will share what they are most interested in working on. Event organizers will plan content based on that feedback.
  9. Programming will be composed of panel discussions, solutions groups, brainstorming sessions, and a few invited presenters who have expertise in topics relevant to the expressed needs of the attendees.
  10. Attendees are encouraged to be vulnerable and transparent with program and personal challenges. No attendee will disclose sensitive information to those outside of the Summit.

Registration for the Leadership Summit will open in August of 2019.


Hilton Salt Lake City Center
Salt Lake City, UT United States + Google Map