Recipients of the Woodbury Reports, Inc. “Excellence in Education Award” are selected on the basis of their excellent reputation for producing positive and consistent results with at-risk children and their families. Each year a network of Independent Educational Consultants who specialize in referrals for adolescents with special needs is surveyed for their recommendations. The results of this screening process determine the content of Woodbury Reports Inc.’s Directory “The Parent Empowerment Handbook™” as well as who will receive this Internet award. Recipients are listed in the directory, which is available in our online store, and also appear in the Local Resources with a “*” after their name.

Each January Woodbury Reports Inc. asks a network of independent educational consultants to rate more than 500 residential schools, programs and transport agencies that work with at-risk teens. Consultants are asked to indicate which schools and programs, based on their safety and effectiveness, are of high quality, and should be included in the Directory. When a majority of these highly qualified consultants give a positive rating, with few or no negatives, the school or program or transport agency is invited to participate in the Directory and complete a form describing their school or program.

The Educational Consultants involved in this survey work for the families. Ethical standards commonly accepted within this profession prohibit receiving money from a school or programs for a referral. These consultants spend a significant amount of time traveling to visit as many schools and programs as they can and constantly compare notes with their colleagues. The only way a school or program can get a positive consensus from this group of independent minded educational consultants is to have a consistent performance record of safety and effectiveness.

A list of independent educational consultants was also circulated to schools and programs from the previous year’s directory, asking which consultants knew enough about their school or program to make appropriate referrals. About 100 educational consultants who were given a significant number of positive marks by these schools and programs were also included in the directory.

Schools, programs, transport agencies and independent educational consultants who have passed this exhaustive screening process have earned this “Excellence in Education Award,” and should proudly display it on their web site. Only those schools, programs, transport agencies and independent educational consultants who have been included in the The Parent Empowerment Handbook™ directory will receive, and are allowed to display this award.

For more information about the Parent Empowerment Handbook™, Click Here.

Previous Award Years:
2001/02 - 12th Edition
2002/03 - 13th Edition
2003/04 - 14th Edition

2004/05 - 15th Edition
2005/06 - 16th Edition
2006/07 - 17th Edition
2007/08 - 18th Edition
2008/09 - 19th Edition
2009/10 - 20th Edition


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