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Students on the Spectrum: Making College More Accessible
Jan 22, 2013, 16:42

Woodbury Reports, Inc
Bonners Ferry, Idaho

Students on the Spectrum
Making College More Accessible

Lon Woodbury, MA, CEP, IECA

Perry LaRoque, PhD
Mansfield Hall
Burlington, Vermont

Perry LaRoque, PhD, the founder and president of Mansfield Hall, a new college support program located in Burlington, Vermont for young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders, talked with Lon Woodbury today on Parent Choices for Struggling Teens, about this new program and what it has to offer these struggling students. He also shares about the guiding principles and how he came about to create Mansfield Hall.

"As a college professor myself, I saw that students with NVLD don't have the amount of support needed for a 'full college experience'. These students who are bright and intelligent don't have the executive functioning skills for the social experiences at a college. Students with these challenges are less likely to get involved in groups on campus and tend to be more isolated. With four guiding principles: learning, living, giving and engaging, we give them the support they need to learn how to navigate their world. We show and teach them the opportunities that are available on the campus, for example by looking at the campus bulletin boards, to find something they are interested in and to follow through and encourage them to get involved in clubs and to get out into the campus community."

"Students who enroll in Mansfield Hall receive a 'Life and Career plan', with goals and objectives and look at what's the best path for them." While living in the Mansfield Hall residence, students learn independent life skills, and are supported by local college students participating in a fellowship program. These fellows participate in events with students and provide natural supports and modeling for the students.

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Lon Woodbury is the owner/founder of Woodbury Reports Inc. and He has worked with families and struggling teens since 1984 and is the host of Parent Choices for Struggling Teens.

Perry LaRoque, PhD is the founder and president of Mansfield Hall, a residential program for young adults with disabilities, to obtain a college degree, develop life skills, begin a career and form an independent lifestyle. Dr. LaRoque earned his PhD in special education from the University of Wisconsin. Dr. LaRoque sits on the Special Education State Advisory Council and is currently an associate professor and the special education program director at Johnson State College in Vermont.

This segment was sponsored by Spring Ridge Academy, 928-632-4602,, a Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls in Arizona.

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