Our Need for Atypical Brains
Oct 12, 2016, 14:31

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Our Need for Atypical Brains

Lon Woodbury

When working with young people on the Autism Spectrum, we need to think outside the box of diagnosis and instead work with the whole person asserted Jason Grygla, Executive Director of the young adult vocational school Techie for Life to Lon October 12, 2016. Grygla continued explaining there is a movement in mental health circles to use non-diagnosis thinking. That kind of thinking helps educators find and train special strengths often found in Austics and others with Atypical brains. Looking at a diagnosis of these people all too often gets in the way of helping students fully explore their potential. Listen to this interview where Grygla explains how his school is training students' strengths for future careers and also help them compensate for social and other weaknesses.

Jason Grygla

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