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Dec 4, 2009, 11:28

Experience of a Life Time for Chrysalis in Africa
(August 24, 2009) Kenny Pannell and Mary Alexine, Owners/Directors at Chrysalis in Eureka, MT, 406-889-5577, shared some exciting news about a recent service project trip for 10 students, staff and parent in which they spent almost 3 weeks in Tanzania working at the Kaloleni Primary School constructing a six foot fence to enclose and secure the school, refurbishing three classrooms with fresh paint and cement work, rehabilitation of a former structure into an apartment for two teachers and their families, planting bougainvillea along the new fence line and purchasing and installation of a new soccer goal. The remainder of the trip included a two day safari in and around the Ngorangora crater and then launched into a seven day ascent and descent of 19,340' Kilimanjaro. Presently Chrysalis is working to raise funds for other improvements needed at the Kaloleni School. Contact Carolyn in their business office for more information.

Chaddock Recognized as Agency of the Year
(October 20, 2009) Chaddock, located in Quincy, IL, 217-430-8696, is the recipient of the "Agency of the Year" award presented by the Alliance for Children and Families. Chaddock was chosen to receive the award because of its demonstration in excellence in board participation and support, impact of advocacy efforts on local, state or national levels and innovative programs.

Trails Carolina Opens New Program for Boys
(October 21, 2009) Graham Shannonhouse, Executive Director at Trails Carolina, Lake Toxaway, NC, 828-885-5920, announced Trails Carolina is now accepting applications for a new program specifically serving the needs of young boys ages 10 to 13. The Trails Youth Program, led by Carlyn Daubs, MS, will provide students with a therapeutic adventure that combines individualized treatment, small groups, skilled therapists and flexible lengths of stay in a dynamic, empowering and nurturing environment. Carlyn received her MS in Counseling from the University of North Texas and is currently concluding her dissertation to earn her PhD in Counseling Psychology. Contact Admissions Director, Mark Oerther, at 888-387-2457 to learn more.

Valley View School Celebrates Their 13th Parents' Weekend
(October 22, 2009) Rick Bulger, Associate Director at Valley View School in North Brookfield, MA, 508-867-6505, shared with us that Valley View School recently celebrated their 13th Parents' Weekend. Over a three day October weekend, parents enjoyed a breakfast followed by a forum involving three former students who graduated from Valley View School together in 1991 and have found success as a lawyer, a software developer and an MSW Social Worker. The afternoon continued with lunch, parent/teacher meetings, a victorious soccer game, a reception and our dinner/theater by the Valley View Players.

Dr. Joanna Bettmann of Open Sky on Internet LA Talk Radio
(October 22, 2009) Danny Frazer, Business Development & Marketing Director at Open Sky, Durango, CO, 970-382-8181, announced Dr. Joanna Bettmann, Open Sky's Research Director, was on LA Talk Radio on Monday, October 26. Dr. Bettmann discussed adoption and attachment issues in mental health including treatment options, research outcomes and the application of attachment theory in wilderness treatment at Open Sky. This show was archived for listening and can be accessed on their website.

Pasadena Villa Opens Smoky Mountain Lodge
(October 22, 2009) Chris Eckert, Referral Relations Manager, Pasadena Villa-Smoky Mountain Lodge, Sevierville, TN, 407-982-0099 or 877-845-5235, announced Pasadena Villas-Smoky Mountain Lodge is open and able to accept clients. This new residential treatment center specializes in the treatment of Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorders, Bipolar Disorders, Psychoses, Asperger's Syndrome, Mild Adult Autism and Co-Occurring substance abuse. Contact Heather Williams, Admissions Coordinator, at 877-845-5235 to learn more.

James "Bar" Clarke Launches Loeta Educational Consultants
(October 22, 2009) James (Bar) Clarke, II, President of Loeta Educational Consultants, Portland, ME, 207-380-2846, announced he is no longer with Camille M. Bertram Educational Consultants and has launched his own consulting practice: Loeta Educational Consulting. The name Loeta means journey. To learn more, contact Barr by phone or at his new website.

Gateway Academy-AZ Accepts Bullied MT Autistic Child
(October 24, 2009) The Missoulian reports a teen with autism was recently pulled from the local middle school by his parents due to the young man being subjected to taunts and hazing from the other 8th grade students. He will now attend Gateway Academy in AZ, a small private school for kids with autism.

E-learning keeps Potential Failures from Dropping Out
(October 25, 2009) Columnist Julia Steany reports E-Learning Academy was started five years ago to help kids who are falling so far behind that they lose hope of catching up or even graduating. With repeating a grade as the number one predictor of a future drop out, E-Learning is a hybrid approach with real teachers to support kids through credit recovery with access to over 200 online classes, assessments and diagnostic tools.

Quarter of MA School Dropouts Do So Because They Are Having Children
(October 25, 2009) A Boston news source reports that a recently released state report indicates 10,000 kids in MA quit school every year, with a quarter of those dropouts leaving because they are having children. The estimates currently are: 10,000 pregnant or parenting girls in the state and 4,000 parenting boys. In addition, the state is expected to cut funding for teen mothers and teen pregnancy prevention programs that will likely increase the dropout rate.

Second Nature Explains Standard Safety Protocols
(October 25, 2009) The admissions team at Second Nature Therapeutic Wilderness Programs in Duchesne, UT, 866-205-2500, has provided specific information on Second Nature's standard safety protocols in response to numerous requests by Educational Consultants. To view this in full, please visit the struggling teens website.

Girls Accept Gun Running/Rape as Price of Joining Violent Male Gangs
(October 26, 2009) The Times Online reports that police and charities have found that teenage girls, some as young as 13, who want to join violent male gangs in the UK are being forced into having sex and ferrying guns, knives and drugs. The girls are second class citizens within the gangs, yet they see their situation as "normal."

Pacific Quest's Unique Approach to Healing
(October 26, 2009) Pacific Quest in Hawaii believes therapeutic approaches with at risk youth need to be creative and music is great way to connect with them. Playing music and song writing is like putting poetry to a beat and can be soothing and healing. Many students connect with poetry in their healing. Contact Marney Sullivan, Admissions Director, at 808-937-5806 to learn more about Pacific Quest.

Douglas Bodin on LA Talk Radio
(October 26, 2009) Douglas Bodin, CEO of the Bodin Group, appeared as a guest on LA Talk Radio: Answers for the Family on October 26, 2009, discussing the topic "Getting with the right program - possibly the most important decision you will make," and the process of sifting through the large number of specialized schools, programs and services that are available to parents.

SunHawk Academy Changes Name to SunHawk Adolescent Recovery Center
(October 27, 2009) SunHawk Adolescent Recovery Center, St. George, UT, formerly SunHawk Academy, officially announced its name change to more accurately reflect the program's primary focus: alcohol and substance abuse recovery for teens. SunHawk Adolescent Recovery Center, licensed as an Adolescent Substance Abuse Residential Treatment Center for teens ages 13-17, uses the 12 Step philosophies and combines an intense clinical intervention with individual and group therapy, accredited academics and family development workshops to help teens address their substance use while learning to live a life of recovery. Contact Ben Harris, Executive Director, at 435-656-3211 to learn more about SunHawk.

New Bellefaire JCB Autism Partnership
(October 27, 2009) Devon Racz, Bellefaire JCB, Shaker Heights, OH, 216-320-8317, announced the Rainbow-Monarch Center for Autism at Bellefaire JCB is a partnership between UH Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital and Bellefaire JCB. Using a combination of research, clinical assessment, intervention and community outreach, the Rainbow-Monarch Center for Autism will help to improve the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorder, their families and the community that cares for them.

Aspen Hosts 5th Professional Development Workshop
(October 27, 2009) Aspen Education Group hosted its 5th Annual Professional Development Workshop in October, in Park City, UT. In addition to the numerous speaker sessions and presentations on computer addiction, current drug trends and psycho-spiritual therapy, Aspen facilitated a silent auction of gift baskets, raising $2,780.00 to be donated to the Saving Teens in Crisis Collaborative. Contact Patty Evans, Chief Marketing Officer & Sr. VP of Business Development at 760-918-8703 for more information.

Ridge Creek School Receives Accreditation form SACS CASI
(October 28, 2009) The faculty and staff of Ridge Creek Academy in Dahlonega, GA, are pleased to announce their quality accreditation designation has been granted by The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement. To learn more about Ridge Creek School, contact Kelly Vaughan at 706-867-1720 or visit their web site.

Mountain Springs Returns from Successful Washington DC Trip
(October 28, 2009) Jon Larsen, LMFT, Head of School at Mountain Springs Preparatory Academy in Cedar City, UT, 435-691-0245, announced the staff and students from Mountain Springs just returned from a 7-day trip to Washington DC. Highlights of the trip included: visiting the national monuments, the Smithsonian museums, the Holocaust Museum, the Capitol building and watching a play at the Kennedy Center. The next trip is scheduled for mid-March 2010 where they will be traveling to Europe for two weeks. It will include stops in Paris, Munich, Venice and Rome.

Open Sky Wilderness Therapy Expands Family Services Team
(October 28, 2009) Danny Frazer, Business Development & Marketing Director for Open Sky Wilderness Therapy, Durango, CO, 970-382-8181, announced Open Sky is expanding their family services team and Marie Krueger, MA, will be joining the clinical team as a Family Wellness Counselor, after having worked in the field at Open Sky as a Senior Field Guide for the past year and a half. Marie received her MA in Applied Psychology from the University of WI-Stout and then served as Program Director at Byrne Urban Scholars in Denver, CO for four years.

Ponca Pines Academy Passes One Year Milestone
(October 2009) Ponca Pines Academy, located in Omaha, NE, 402-457-1400, has just passed its one year milestone, successfully completing their first year working with young women. In addition, they have expanded their psycho-educational groups to include: SELF, anger management, empowerment, self-esteem, Power Source, Spiritual Doodles and Mental Leapfrogs, Wellness and Healthy Choices, Highly Effective Habits and a Service Learning and Cultural Awareness program. Contact Betsy Jacobson-Warren, Executive Director, to learn more.

Sara Smithson Joins Eckerd Academy of the Blue Ridge
(October 28, 2009) Eckerd Academy of the Blue Ridge, Suches, GA, is pleased to announce Sara Smithson has joined the Clinical staff as Program Clinician. Sara received her MSW degree from Smith College of School for Social Work in Northampton, MA. Sara's clinical experience includes providing individual, family and group therapy for diagnostically and demographically diverse clients in outpatient community mental health and early intervention centers. Contact Micha M. Mathis, Admissions/Client Relations Coordinator, 706-747-1082 ext 228, for more information.

Is Prescription Pill Abuse Driving Heroin Abuse?
(October 30, 2009) Rosecrance, Rockford, IL, 815-391-1000 and other officials in treatment facilities throughout the country report that many abusers of prescription opiates eventually begin abusing heroin because it is cheaper, easier to obtain and provides a more intense high. In addition, once an individual switches from prescription pills to heroin, they rarely switch back to abusing these prescription pills.

Agape Boarding School Names 2009 Rodeo Winners
(October 30, 2009) Agape Boarding School in Stockton, MO, has announced the champions of their second annual rodeo week: Quinlan Beaird- Bronc rider of the year, Joe Rios- Chute Dogging champion, Steven Shnowske- Cattle event champion, Lyonya Pryzbyl- Speed event champion, Kenny Edmonds- bull rider of the year and All Around "Cowboy of the Year" Alex Daw. Everything from the most dangerous 8 seconds in the sporting world to tying a bow around a cow's tail took place during this rodeo week. Contact Scott Smith, Marketing Coordinator, at 417-276-7215 to learn more about Agape.

Innercept Outings for Academic Credit and Fun
(October 30, 2009) Students and staff from Innercept, LLC, Coeur d'Alene, ID, were busy this past summer exploring the Northwest and the region in which they live with the benefit of earning academic credits. Some of the highlights of their trips include: a Gold Mine Tour, Bird Aviation Museum and Invention Tour, Cataldo Mission Trip and exploring local Government Trips. To learn more about Innercept, please contact Amanda John at 208-665-7178 or visit their website.

The Story of an Open Sky Wilderness Student
(October 31, 2009) An online news source, The Advocate, recently posted an article about an 18 year old young woman and the journey she made from her senior year as a cocaine addict to her rehabilitation while attending Open Sky Wilderness Therapy in UT.

Expat Women Interview Ed Consultant Rebecca Grappo
(November 2, 2009) Rebecca Grappo, MEd, CEP was recently interviewed by Expat Women, an online source for expatriate women living overseas. Rebecca is a professional educator who has combined her advocacy and teaching experience with her need to develop a portable career abroad. After living, working and teaching overseas for many years, Rebecca started RNG International Educational Consultants in 2006 while living in Oman and has quickly become known as a global expert in the field of international relocations with children. In addition to her native United States, Rebecca has lived in Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Portugal, Jordan, Oman and has recently moved to Dubai. She speaks five languages and has raised her own three children between the United States and various overseas assignments.

La Ventana Eating Disorder Programs Expand to San Francisco
(November 2, 2009) La Ventana Eating Disorder Programs located in Thousand Oaks, CA, and Calabasas, CA, is opening a new location in San Francisco, CA, on November 23, 2009. To learn more, contact Dr. Erin Elfant-Rea, Clinical Director, at 415-345-1238.

Acadia Healthcare Announces Acquisition of Peninsula Village RTC
(November 2, 2009) Karen Prince, Chief Operating Officer at Acadia Healthcare, Atlanta, GA, 678-324-5000, announced that Acadia Healthcare has recently acquired Peninsula Village from Parkwest Medical Center in Knoxville, TN, and the facility's name will change to The Village. Business is expected to proceed as normal to ensure a seamless transition for the teens, families and employees.

Newport Academy Staff Releases Nutrition and Brain Book
(November 2, 2009) Newport Academy in Newport Beach, CA, is pleased to announce that Dr. Jeff Fortuna, Dr PH, Director of Clinical Nutrition at Newport Academy, has released his latest book: Nutrition for the Focused Brain: & the Recovering Brain. If you would like to order this book, please call 800-355-9983.

Emily Demong Promoted to Open Sky Wilderness Clinical Director
(November 2, 2009) Aaron Fernandes, Executive Director at Open Sky Wilderness Therapy in Durango, CO, 970-382-8181, is pleased to announce the promotion of Emily Demong, LCSW, to Clinical Director. Emily has excelled as Open Sky's Assistant Clinical Director for the past three years and has over twelve years of experience in the industry in addition to being a founder and owner of Open Sky.

Empowering Young Adults Parent Workshop in November
(November 3, 2009) Colleen and Randy Russell, Owners and Directors of Empowering Young Adults, a parent training course for parents with adult children, held a workshop in November in Sandpoint, ID. The workshop is designed to provide parents with the tools to prepare and launch their young adults. To learn about future workshop dates and more information call 509-671-1598-cell or 208-255-2290.

Mount Bachelor in Oregon Ordered to Temporarily Close
(November 3, 2009) ABC news reports Mount Bachelor Academy, a therapeutic boarding school in Oregon has been ordered to temporarily close due to a seven month investigation by the Oregon Department of Human Services in which they found nine substantiated findings of child abuse.

Statement from Executive Director of Mt. Bachelor
(November 4, 2009) Executive Director of Mount Bachelor Academy, Prineville, OR, 800-462-3404, has issued a statement and is disappointed by the recent ruling of the Oregon Department of Human Services to temporarily cease all therapeutic, education and residential services at Mt. Bachelor Academy. To read these statements in full please visit the struggling teens website.

Open Sky's Family Wellness Counselor on the Air
(November 4, 2009) Danny Frazer, Business Development and Marketing Director for Open Sky Wilderness Therapy, Durango, CO, 970-382-8181, announced Norman Elizondo, Open Sky's Family Wellness Counselor, was on the air with a local public radio station KDUR, Fort Lewis's college radio station, and discussed the healing power of nature for the body, mind, heart and soul. As a co-owner of Open Sky, Norman provides support to families and students in conducting the Family Reunion and Student Graduations, in addition to leading the monthly Parent Wellness Weekends. Norman also conducts the weekly Parent Education & Support Group Teleconferences.

Next Step for Success Announces Upcoming Family Coaching Telecourse
(November 4, 2009) Penelope Valentine, Co-Founder of Next Step for Success, Redmond, OR, 541-504-5224, shared that Next Step for Success will be offering their next 20-week Telecourse titled "Coaching Parents, Struggling Teens and Young Adults" starting on January 12, 2010. Upon successful completion of this coach training course, participants will have the designation of Certified Coach. Registration is required by December 11, 2009. Please contact Penelope Valentine for further information.

Coral Reef Academy Helps with Distribution on Tsunami Relief Aid
(November 6, 2009) In early November, Coral Reef Academy, Apia, Samoa, students and staff began assisting with the unloading and distribution of tsunami relief materials donated and collected in the United States. After the unloading and sorting of the donations, students will load the packages into delivery trucks and then help to distribute the items to those in need. Contact Julie C. Elliott, LCSW, LMFT, CART, Program Therapist at Coral Reef Academy, 702-997-7634 - internet phone, 011 685 65158 - Samoa or 011 685 7703213 - mobile, to learn more.

Spruce Mountain Inn Residential Treatment
(November 6, 2009) Spruce Mountain Inn, Plainfield, VT, 802-454-8353, is a small residential treatment center for men and women ages 17-30 who struggle with addiction to substance abuse, compulsive behaviors or eating disorders. Treatment includes therapeutic groups and activities and goal setting to include independent living skills and work placements or classes in the community. Contact Candace Beardsley, Director and Admissions for more information.

Vive's "Chaos to Connection" Parenting Workshops
(November 7, 2009) Vive, Boulder, CO, 800-261-0127, presented several parenting workshops in November and December in the San Francisco Bay area, the Los Angeles area and the Denver/Boulder area, based upon their book and DVD: Chaos to Connection, showing how these practices can help parents understand better and more effective ways to address difficult behaviors and topics with their child.

Dore Frances and Dawn Bauer Join Forces
(November 7, 2009) Dore Frances, MA, and Dawn Bauer have announced they have joined forces and will be working together as partners of Horizon Family Solutions, an Educational Resources firm, in Bend, OR, and now will also be on St. Simons Island, GA, where Dawn is based.

Jon Worbets Joins Summit Prep as Experiential Coordinator
(November 8, 2009) Barbara Cunningham, EdD, Admissions/Guidance at Summit Preparatory School in Kalispell, MT, 406-758-8139,is pleased to announce the addition of seasoned therapist Jon Worbets, LPCC/LMHC, as Experiential Coordinator and head of one of the boys' treatment teams. Jon has spent over 15 years working with at-risk youth, most recently as one of the founders and clinical director of a wilderness program in TX and NM. To reach Jon by phone: 406-758-8164.

Sundance Canyon Academy Partners with Homeward Bound
(November 9, 2009) Boyd Hooper, Admissions Director at Sundance Canyon Academy, Herriman, UT, 801-446-6206, announced the partnership with Homeward Bound and Sundance Canyon, which will allow SCA to expand their services with aftercare plans, transitional services and improvement of parent collaboration and communication.

Blueprint Education Partners with Gables Academy
(November 9, 2009) Blueprint Education, Glendale, AZ, has partnered with Gables Academy in Stone Mountain, GA, to provide accredited curriculum to their student population. The Gables program is designed to meet two specific needs of their students: learning basic skills in reading, writing and mathematics or for those who have mastered the basic skills but still appear unmotivated to learn in a typical learning environment. Contact Marmy Kodras, Marketing Director for Blueprint at 602-906-4840 to learn more.

Roots: Soltreks In-Home and Aftercare Program
(November 9, 2009) Soltreks, Two Harbors, MN, has named their new in-home and aftercare program Roots. This program offers home visits, workshops and retreats and family treks. For more information on Soltreks Roots, please contact Lorri Hanna, MA, CTRS, LPC, President and Executive Director, for additional information at 218-834-4607.

Newspaper Reports Mt Bachelor Academy in Oregon to Permanently Close
(November 10, 2009) The Oregonian reports Mt Bachelor in Prineville, OR, which has been investigated by the state for allegations of child abuse, will close by December 9, 2009, and will be letting employees go with a total job loss of 69-72.

Echo Springs News
(November 10, 2009) Echo Springs, Bonners Ferry, ID, 208-267-1111, shared some exciting news about some students in their program: 12 students are enrolled at North Idaho College this semester on the main campus in Coeur d'Alene and at the branch campus in Bonners Ferry. In addition, 2 students are completing their high school diplomas through correspondence courses. Also, the students have logged in lots of volunteer hours in the community assisting with patients at the assisted living center, dog walking, proof-reading and contributing writer for the local newspaper, working at the local thrift store (benefits the animal shelter), autumn clean-up at the community garden, assistance at the wildlife refuge, art teacher assistant at the elementary school and disbursement of food bank supplies.

Ski Therapy Family Integration Program
(November 10, 2009) Andy Rose, MA, Program Director at Healing Quest (Ski Therapy), Boulder, CO, 303-532-6780, announced Ski Therapy is offering a brief family integration intensive, which offers experiential family therapy in conjunction with facilitated somatic (skiing or other outdoor activity) individual work. It is designed to integrate their program with referring programs and professionals to insure a continuum of care for the family. To learn more contact Andy Rose.

Exciting In Balance Ranch Updates
(November 10, 2009) In Balance Ranch Academy, Tucson, AZ, is pleased to announce that they have promoted Ugo Uche to the position of Assistant Clinical Director. Ugo has been with In Balance Ranch for 4 and half years and has a Master's degree in Counseling. Last year, he completed and secured his License as a Professional Counselor in the state of AZ. Contact Shannon Dexter, LCSW, LISAC, Clinical Director and Equine Program Director, at 520-909-4740 to learn more.

Jeremy McGeorge Resigns as Director of Admissions at King George
(November 10, 2009) Jay Ramsey, Director of Human Resources & Risk Management at King George School in Sutton, VT, 800-218-5122 x 103, announced the resignation of Jeremy McGeorge, Director of Admissions. Jeremy will be continuing his work with students and families in the capacity of an educational consultant. Until such time as a replacement can be named, admissions inquiries should be directed to Beth Rowley, Director of Client Relations, or to Amy Burbo, Assistant Director of Admissions, at 800-218-5122.

Parent Comment to Closure of Mt Bachelor
(November 10, 2009) Woodbury Reports has posted a short letter from a parent whose child was attending Mount Bachelor Academy in Prineville, OR, when the Oregon DHS issued its order for the school to be closed. To read this letter in its entirety, please visit the struggling teens website.

Crawford of Life Development Invited to a World Summit
(November 10, 2009) Rob Crawford, CEO of Life Development Institute in Glendale, AZ, was invited to the first World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) on November 16-18, in Doha, Qatar, on behalf of Her Highness Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser Al Missned, the Chairperson of Qatar Foundation. This summit was initiated by the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development. Life Development Institute was selected as a laureate finalist in Pluralism for the WISE awards. Contact Rob to learn more at 623-773-2774, ext. 217.

Vive Offers Multi-Media Parenting Product
(November 10, 2009) Vive, Boulder, CO, is pleased to launch a new multi-media parenting product: Chaos to Connection: 9 Heart-Centered Essentials to Parenting Your Teen. The philosophy and exercises in this set are effective for families with kids ages ten to twenty-two and is supported by 24/7 real-time access to Vive's professional counseling team located across the country. This package comes in a boxed set that includes workbooks, videos and more. To learn more, contact Susan Holden Walsh, Holden McClure, PR, at 303-449-2526.

Triston Morgan Named Admissions Director at Discovery Academy
(November 10, 2009) Dr. Triston Morgan has been named Admissions Director at Discovery Academy, Provo, UT. Dr. Morgan joined Discovery Academy in January 2009 as a therapist after working in both wilderness and residential settings for more than seven years. He can be reached by calling Discovery Academy at 801-374-2121 or on his cell phone at 801-372-7679.

Leandro Rosa Joins Eagleton School
(November 11, 2009) The Eagleton School in Great Barrington, MA, 413-528-4385, announced Leandro Rosa has joined the Eagleton School as the new Coordinator of Marketing and Admissions. Leandro was a former AmeriCorps volunteer at the Sage Alternate School in Springfield, MA, case manager and clinician in training at the Springdale Education Center and has also worked in Community Resources for people with Autism, before moving to New York to become a Caseworker in Foster Care Group Homes, also working in Clinical Aftercare Services and acting as a supervisor of two programs. Leandro holds a Master's in Social Work from Hunter College New York, NY.

Anasazi Announces Changes to Leadership Team and Board of Directors
(November 12, 2009) Anasazi Foundation, Mesa, AZ, 408-892-7403, has named founder and wilderness therapy pioneer Ezekiel Sanchez as Executive Director and Sterling Tanner as Chairman of the nonprofit behavioral healthcare provider's governing Board of Directors. Former Executive Director, Michael Merchant, will continue to serve as Anasazi's President and as a member of the governing board, which also includes Sanchez, Arbinger Institute CFO Paul Smith, and former chairman Lester Moore, an operating partner director of Huntsman Gay Global Capital.

Anasazi Announces Changes to Leadership Team and Board of Directors
(November 12, 2009) Anasazi Foundation, Mesa, AZ, 408-892-7403, has named founder and wilderness therapy pioneer Ezekiel Sanchez as Executive Director and Sterling Tanner as Chairman of the nonprofit behavioral healthcare provider's governing Board of Directors. Former Executive Director, Michael Merchant, will continue to serve as Anasazi's President and as a member of the governing board, which also includes Sanchez, Arbinger Institute CFO Paul Smith, and former chairman Lester Moore, an operating partner director of Huntsman Gay Global Capital.

Sending Your Child Away- LA Times Parent Interviews
(November 15, 2009) The LA Times has recently run an article that contains interviews with parents of struggling teens who have had to make the difficult decision to send their child to a wilderness program or therapeutic boarding school. To read this in its entirety, please visit the struggling teens website.

Bend Bulletin Story on the Closing of Mt Bachelor Academy
(November 15, 2009) The Bend Bulletin has published a recent article chronicling the history of Mount Bachelor Academy from its beginning in 1987 to the recent closure on November 3, 2009. In the article, several educational consultants were interviewed, including Lon Woodbury, President of Woodbury Reports, Inc, Alice Jackson, Doug Bodin and Tom Croke. To read this article in its entirety, please visit the struggling teens website.

Gay Jackson Joins Renee Goldberg at Educational Options
(November 16, 2009) Gay Jackson, RN, BS, joined Renee Goldberg, PhD, at Educational Options, LLC, Farmington, UT, as an educational consultant on November 8, 2009. Gay has over 30 years experience working as a registered nurse, a certified Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse and has had experience managing acute adolescent, child and adult psychiatric inpatient and residential services. Gay has also worked in crisis intervention and triage in a local hospital. Over the past 9 years, she worked in an adolescent residential treatment center where she was the Admission Director and Associate Executive Director. Gay can be reached at 617-719-3674.

Pacific Quest Opens Branch in San Clemente, CA
(November 17, 2009) The Orange County Register reports Pacific Quest, a therapeutic wilderness program located in Hawaii for "softer" kids, has just opened a second facility on the mainland in San Clemente, CA, to recruit area teenagers who may benefit from their unique program.

Oakland School Open House
(November 17, 2009) Amanda Baber, Admissions for Oakland School, Keswick, VA, 434-293-9059, announced the Oakland School would be holding an open house on November 30 for prospective parents, education professionals, clinical psychologists and associated professionals, giving them the opportunity to meet the Director, take student guided tours of classrooms and dorms, talk with teachers and staff, meet the horses and view their beautiful 450 acre campus.

West Ridge's Annual Scarecrow Festival a Success
(November 17, 2009) West RidgeAcademy, West Jordan, UT, recently held their 18th annual Scarecrow Festival, a community event and fundraiser that featured games for all ages, family entertainment, yummy food and a country craft store. With almost 500 volunteers working together for this useful cause, the event that lasted four days was a huge success, with TV and radio station coverage and nearly 27,000 people attending. Please contact Ken Allen, Executive Director of West Ridge, at 801-282-1000 to learn more.

All Day Biology Labs at Family Foundation School
(November 18, 2009) Ann Janauer, Principal of The Family Foundation School, Hancock, NY, 845-887-5213, announced that Cornell University Professor Mike Yerky, PhD, recently conducted an all-day biology lab on gel electrophoresis for students in the FFS biology and college biology classes. Professor Yerky, outreach coordinator for the Cornell Institute of Biology Teachers, was the guest of FFS biology teacher Edmund Leung and performs the lab with high school students each year throughout New York. It was his second visit to FFS. Gel electrophoresis is a way to separate DNA fragments and is a common diagnostic procedure used to identify the biological father of an offspring.

Family Foundation School Participates in Drug Awareness Week
(November 18, 2009) Jeff Brain, VP for External Affairs at The Family Foundation School, announced that eight FFS students shared their recovery experiences with the Youngville (NY) Middle School and High School during Drug Awareness Week. It was the second year the alternative school sought out FFS to help observe the week and show students ways to have fun without drugs. In addition to sharing their stories, FFS students judged an anti-drug poster contest and joined the Youngville students in recreational activities.

Family Foundation Boys Win Soccer Title
(November 18, 2009) Willy Williamson, Athletic Director at the Family Foundation School in Hancock, NY, announced that the 2009 FFS boys' soccer team won the New York State Section 9 championship for the third time in the last seven years. The Falcons beat archrival Chapel Field 3-1 on October 31. They moved on to the State Class D finals but lost to Smithtown (Long Island) 3-2 in double overtime on November 10, 2009.

Trails Carolina Has a Super First Year
(November 19, 2009) Mark Oerther, Director of Admissions, and Graham Shannonhouse, Executive Director, Trails Carolina, Lake Toxaway, NC, 888-387-2457, announced Trails Carolina has had a super first year and are gearing up for a successful second year. They extend a sincere thank you to all that have supported them during this first year.

New Leadership at Oxbow Academy
(November 19, 2009) Oxbow Academy, Wales, UT, announced the resignation of Heather Green, Clinical Director. Heather has chosen to pursue a career opportunity outside of the adolescent therapy industry in another state. Therapist Gregg Lott, LCSW, will serve as interim director.
We extend our heartfelt thanks and wish Heather the very best in her new career.

CooperRiis Founders Outstanding Philanthropists of 2009
(November 19, 2009) Virgil Stucker, Executive Director at CooperRiis, Mill Spring, NC, 828-899-4673, announced that Don and Lisbeth Riis Cooper were named as the recipients of the WNC Chapter of the Association of Fund Raising Professionals 2009 Outstanding Philanthropists Award at a November 19 Award Luncheon. National Philanthropy Day was celebrated with the announcement by J. Clarkson of Big Brothers, Big Sisters. Don and Lisbeth are the founders of CooperRiis and have dedicated this award to their daughter, Danie'le, who was the inspiration in the creation of CooperRiis.

Kevin Knutson Promoted to Executive Director of Aspen Ranch
(November 20, 2009) Aspen Ranch, Loa, UT, 435-836-1103, is pleased to announce the appointment of Kevin Knutson, LPC, NCC, as Executive Director. Knutson is the Ranch's former Program Director. Prior to Aspen Ranch, Knutson worked as a school counselor for families and youth in crisis and taught life and decision-making skills to junior high and high school students. He also was the clinical director for a private counseling service, a university instructor of mental health courses and a therapist at a youth wilderness program. He received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Brigham Young University and was formerly a Captain in the US Army. Knutson also is a Certified Red Cross Disaster Mental Health Services Worker

Jeremy McGeorge Joins Bertram Educational Consultants
(November 20, 2009) Jeremy McGeorge, formerly the Director of Admissions at King George, is excited to announce he has recently joined Bertram Educational Consultants in Shelburne Falls, MA, as the Director of Special Needs Services. To contact Jeremy, please call 413-207-1141 or contact him by email.

Gables Academy in Georgia Looking for Partner
(November 20, 2009) James D. Meffen, President and Headmaster of Gables Academy in Stone Mountain, GA, 770-465-7500, announced he is looking for an immediate partner and/or the availability to become a satellite location for another program. The location includes 7 acres of secluded wooded campus with a small lake in NE Metro Atlanta, a current capacity on campus which includes 8 boarders/residents plus space for live- ins. The school building handles a minimum of 24 students (6:1 student/teacher ratio) with architectural plans for additional residential buildings and school building in hand and the approval by the city for as many as 64 beds. Please contact James Meffen for more information.

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