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Oct 27, 2010, 10:31

New Harmony, Utah
Kent Tasso
Director/ Personal Leadership Instructor

Visited by Lon Woodbury, April 2010

Kolob Canyon RTC is a program for girls, with a range of ages 14-17 and up to 12 girls. They are a CERTS program (Certified Educational, Recreational, Therapeutic Schools and Programs), under the same ownership as Moonridge Academy, La Europa Academy and Mountain Springs Preparatory Academy.

This program is way out in the country, and presents as a horse farm on 30 acres overlooking the entrance to the beautiful Kolob Canyon a few miles in the distance, thus the source of the program's name. Kolob Canyon RTC and Moonridge are supplementary programs in many ways. The two programs share administrators, and share teachers, clinicians and facilities. Kolob Canyon has numerous full sized horses with a full equine therapy and a horsemanship and equine therapy program that the Moonridge girls also use once a week.

While we were there the girls showed us around the grounds, much of which consisted of introducing us to the horses. Girls can bring their own horses to the program, assuming proper safety and appropriateness, of course. The girls were very attached to their horses and are very attuned to each of their horse's needs, which is an important part of the program.

Like the other CERTS programs, Kolob Canyon RTC is fully accredited by the standard accrediting agency for this part of the country, both NAAS and the State of Utah. Classes are taught in the academic building, which also houses the counselors' offices, and in the drama barn, where the girls' creative side can shine.

The dorms are in the main ranch house and like the other CERTS programs, were clean, bright and comfortable. The place was a buzz of activity with the girls cleaning up after working in the stables and preparing dinner.

Not only were dorms and buildings clean, comfortable and airy, but were well maintained. Even the horse barn was a model of cleanliness and organization, much better than most horse barns I have seen. This, regarding the horse barn, was a testament to the energy the girls put into their horses.

The scenery and activities would be very attractive to anybody having even the slightest interest in horses and nature, and this by itself would be a great and rewarding attraction to a girl struggling with personal issues.

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