Extended Insights
Extended Insight

Sep 10, 2014, 15:11

By: Edge Learning and Wellness Collegiate Community

An admissions team is frequently asked, "what type of student most benefits from your program?" Many programs will respond to that with a list of problems their students have and elaborate about the various ways in which they might address those issues. At EDGE Learning and Wellness Collegiate Community, we are solution-focused. We use terms like "clinically driven," "responsive," and "individualized" with purpose and meaning. Our students share goals, expectations, and the need for a clinically driven environment.

Clinically driven means that we appreciate the texture of your life and the value of your experience-it means that we're committed to helping you learn to function at your highest level given your unique array of strengths and deficits. Responsive speaks to our team's ability to use clinical skills to assess your functioning on an ongoing basis and to respond with the right amount of support-support that empowers you to be responsible and gives you the skills or knowledge necessary to succeed. Individualized describes our philosophical commitment to value your goals above ours and the flexibility that we have to adapt the program to meet your needs.

Our emphasis on a therapeutic living environment requires that our live-in coaching staff be masters-level clinicians whose life is committed to modeling, teaching, and mentoring: they have a deep, personal commitment to creating a healthy, productive community at EDGE. The coaches reinforce the work that students are doing in therapy and provide timely, supportive interventions when students struggle with challenges.

What type of students are "EDGE students?" The students who are most successful at EDGE are ones who acknowledge that they need assistance in addressing therapeutic issues and who are willing to take the healthy risk of using therapy as a support for engaging in developmentally appropriate pursuits like college coursework and career development. They are individuals who are committed to being more than their problems, diagnoses, or self-limiting beliefs: they are passionate about leading lives of integrity and autonomy. EDGE is for any student whose aspiration is to develop a life that is balanced and who defies being easily grouped in the problem-based taxonomy of the "program" world.

About EDGE Learning Community: EDGE Learning Community is for young adults motivated to achieve success in life. We equip students who would benefit from a support-rich and sober environment to be responsible, autonomous adults. To learn more, visit

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