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Kathy Donovan Joins Calo Young Adults as Executive Director
Feb 5, 2016, 16:46

Calo Programs
Winchester, VA

Kathy Donovan Joins
Calo Young Adults As
Executive Director

Thomas A. Ahern MA
Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

Calo Programs is excited to announce Kathy Donovan has joined Calo Young Adults as Executive Director, reporting to Calo Programs CEO Alex Stavros.

Kathy Donovan started her career as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines where she developed a drug and alcohol education program. She continued abroad as the YMCA International Program Director in Japan. She returned to the States to work in many capacities in the DC area, including the DC child welfare system and DC Superior Court as a clinical consultant and therapist.

In addition to private practice and clinical consulting in the Washington DC area, Ms. Donovan worked as a Second Nature Wilderness Program therapist for four years. As a therapist for Second Nature she was sought out around the country to treat clinically complex emerging adults who have stalled developmentally, leaving them ill-prepared for successful transition into adulthood. She also served as the Executive Director of a trauma-based residential program for young women. In this capacity, Kathy developed a trauma-informed "treatment to transition" model with an emphasis on intensive individual therapy combined with small group work to best prepare the women for successful transition from residential to supervised apartment living. Following this experience Kathy developed her own Independent Treatment Living Program for emerging adults in the Washington, DC area.

"I have spent most of my professional career specialized in post-traumatic stress, attachment issues, depression and anxiety disorders in emerging adults." said Donovan. "This is why I felt Calo Young Adults was a perfect fit. I am excited about incorporating Calo's proprietary CASA Treatment Model into working with emerging adults."

Donovan's clinical work includes: desensitization and exposure techniques to reduce debilitating stress and trauma responses, skills to detect and reverse nervous system distress, resilience training, social and leadership skill development and methods for developing greater self-awareness.

"Kathy has a ton of life and work experience. She is a wonderful fit personally, culturally, clinically and operationally and we are ecstatic to have her on the team" said Stavros. "Kathy's sense of humor is a delight and her clinical chops, particularly as it relates to trauma and working with emerging adults, are exceptional. However, what was most appealing was her absolute commitment to quality clinical care."

Joining Donovan on this high performing clinical team is Dr. Ken Cuave. Calo partnered with Dr. Ken Cuave late last year to develop Calo Young Adults, a cutting edge adoption, trauma and attachment specialized program for emerging adults. Stavros said "Dr. Ken Cuave is one of the foremost experts on struggling emerging adults and we are lucky to have him on the team as Executive Clinical Director."

Dr. Cuave began his work with emerging adults in the early 80's. New Lifestyles was started in Florida in 1985 and he co-founded the College Living Experience in 1994. In 1997 Dr. Cuave began New Lifestyles of Virginia. "This is an important next step in my career. I am invigorated to take my multi-decade experience with emerging adults and partner with Calo to start a one-of-a-kind program," said Dr. Cuave.

Calo Young Adults is open and currently working with a handful of students. They are actively reviewing and accepting enrollment applications.

Contact Jon Young at or Kathy Donovan at for admissions and tours.

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