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Posted: Jun 12, 2007, 07:27

New Perspectives


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Suffolk, Virginia
Denise Mullins, CEO

This school closed January 2009. This file remains only as a historical document of what once was a program.

Hampton Roads Youth Center is a residential program for 12-17 year old adolescents which provides residential counseling and personalized educational services for those who are experiencing emotional, social and family oriented problems. The average length of stay is between nine and eighteen months. Admission criteria are strict. Young people who have a pattern of aggression or history of violence, drug addiction, or other serious criminal activity will not be accepted.

Students attend Harvey L. Lindsay, Jr. School with a six to one ratio of students to teacher, enabling children to "catch up to their correct grade". Monthly field trips are incorporated into the curriculum as well as nightly study time. Hampton Roads program is based off of four phases of treatment: Assessment, Initial, Work and Final, all of which lead to their successful discharge. During these phases there are specific goals and criteria to complete before moving up to each level

Each resident is assigned an individual counselor who provides weekly individualized counseling and will work with each resident to develop a service plan with strength-based goals and objectives. Residents participate in daily group counseling, a Life-Skills group that teaches skills needed to succeed from financial responsibility to anger management, a Therapeutic group which allows residents to work toward their therapeutic goals, a community group that addresses issues that can arise while living at Hampton Roads and an opportunity to share goals with their peers, and a team-building group that utilizes activities to teach residents teamwork and good sportsmanship. To foster a successful return of the resident to his or her home, there is family counseling, which is an ongoing involvement by the entire family.


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