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Posted: Dec 3, 2014 17:15

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Woodbury Reports, Inc.
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News from The Woodbury Report

Lon Woodbury, MA, CEP, IECA
Woodbury Reports, Inc.

Mary Romero
Life Coach and Author

The Woodbury Report
LIVE On at 12:00 noon
With Guests:
Ken Huey, Founder and Senior VP of CALO
Dr. Rick Meeves, CEO Aspiro/Outback Therapeutic Expeditions
Kathy Rex, Founder of BlueFire Wilderness Therapy

Today on The Woodbury Report, hosts Lon Woodbury and Mary Romero discussed the top news events of some of the highly recognized organizations in the private, parent choice program/school and treatment modalities across the country.

Our first guest, Ken Huey, the Founder and Senior VP of Change Academy Lake of the Ozarks (CALO) spoke about the expansion and additions to CALO with the recent openings of two new houses built on 5 acres of adjoining property that will expand their existing program to include pre-teens, ages 10-13. CALO specializes in treatment for adopted children with serious attachment disorders and reactive attachment disorders. Pre-teens with RAD are intense, not assaultive, but they take a lot of staff to help regulate them. "These children need one on one care- they crave touch, love and care. They like to rock in the dual rocking chairs and to sit and talk and to learn to connect and trust." Ken shared. CALO has primarily worked with teens and are now able to offer their services to younger clients.

Following Ken Huey's interview, our next guest was Dr. Rick Meeves, the new CEO of Aspiro and Outback Therapeutic Expeditions, who talked about the acquisition and partnership of joining the two programs. "Built around a business decision", Richard assured Lon that the autonomy between the programs will remain as is- both programs following an expeditionary model, more adventure style for Aspiro and wilderness style for Outback. He added though, that Outback may add some "new age" features to it and possibly expand from 3 to 4 groups of students on the wilderness schedule, but will continue to be a small personable program. Lon and Mary both agreed that Nature creates the right atmosphere for healing…"it allows you to be open to what is around you, no distractions and to just be still."

Our last guest was Kathy Rex, the founder of a new Wilderness program- BlueFire Wilderness Therapy, located in southern Idaho. This program offers single gender groups- no co-ed groups, for ages 13-17 and is based on a variety of experiences and adventures. For 3 days of the week, the kids live in a fully functioning yurt with cots, learning primitive skills of course, but more of the arts and crafts skills, this is not a survival type of program. With an average stay of 8-10 weeks, once again, the stay is flexible depending on the student. Kathy shared about the name of her new program, explaining that the focus on the work these kids are working on is at the core, same as the hottest part of a fire- the blue core. We wish her well on her new endeavor with BlueFire.

Listen to the full show here: News from The Woodbury Report

Contact our guests:
Ken Huey

Dr. Rick Meeves
Aspiro Group and Outback Therapeutic Expeditions

Kathy Rex
BlueFire Wilderness Therapy

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