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Posted: Nov 1, 2016 14:49

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Tricks in Being a
Good Manager and Parent

Lon Woodbury

Involve the children in the business as much as is appropriate for their age is the suggestion of Drew and Summer Hornbeck, Co-Founders of New Vision Wilderness to Lon November 1, 2015. For example, they insist a commuter marriage is poor for children so when the possibility of moving from their program in Wisconsin to their program in Oregon this last year, it was fully discussed with the children and the decision to move was a unanimous decision by the Hornbecks and their two children. Another important element is to make sure to have fun with their business. The role model for the children and having them understand their parents work was important in building the family as a unit. Listen to the Hornbecks describe the principles they followed and how they implemented them to build family unity and remove the possibility of work and parenting being at odds with each other.

Drew Hornbeck:

Summer Hornbeck:

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