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Posted: Oct 17, 2016 14:41

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Healing Through Expressive Arts Therapy

Lon Woodbury

Art projects are an excellent tool to find ways a student will express themselves explained Erin Cantalini, Clinical Dir. Of Program Services at Whetstone Academy-SC to Lon October 17, 2016. Cantalini, whose specialty is Expressive Arts Therapy and Body Centered Therapy, describes in this Interview how the details in how a student decorates their project gives clues as to what the student is feeling but unable to talk about. An astute and experienced Expressive Arts Therapist can pick up on these clues to help the student recognize those feelings without the student ever feeling like they are in therapy. She explained how this is an excellent way to by-pass emotional blocks the student might have unconsciously developed, and the therapist can then help the student heal.

Erin Cantalini

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