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Posted: Oct 21, 2008 16:11

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U.S. Transport Service
St. George, UT

U.S. Transport Service Lowers Rates

Randy Stewman

October 21, 2008

U.S. Transport Service would like to reach out to the schools and families finding themselves lost in this economical downturn. We have recently completed our 2450th intervention and transport. We are well staffed and able to take care of any of your needs at any time. We pride ourselves on being the least expensive transport company, while providing more safety, security and peace of mind. With this in mind U.S. Transport Service would like to inform all families and programs that for the rest of the year we will be doing transports for our cost, plus airfare for anyone needing to be relocated because of school closing or any other concern. Our discounted flat cost rate of $1295.00 plus airfare (if needed) for anywhere in the continental U.S. or less depending on location. We truly do understand the emotional and financial concerns when dealing with a lost or struggling family member. We treat every child with respect and compassion. We always are honest and upfront with these struggling individuals and treat each trip as a road trip with meals, snacks, DVD players and magazines. We are uniformed which lets the clients know we are professional and not "just some hired thugs." We would like to help get everyone through these trying times. It is always harder on the parents than on their children, but we make it as easy and stress free as possible for all.

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