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Posted: Jan 12, 2012 12:10

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Soltreks, Inc.
Two Harbors, MN

Soltreks Announces 2012
Winter/Spring Adult Program

Lorri Hanna, MA, CTRS, LPC
Executive Director

January 12, 2012

Soltreks is excited to announce its winter and spring program with week-long men's and women's treks in Florida and New Mexico (no experience required). Four-day women's retreats (non field-based) are also offered. These personal growth opportunities are for those who desire greater balance, meaning and purpose with life's transitions (e.g., relationship challenges, career changes, parents of children in therapeutic programs, empty nesters).

Lorri, Doug and veteran facilitators create enriching and authentic experiences with opportunities for self-care, reflection, connection, transformation and rediscovery.

Entering its 15th season, Soltreks remains an excellent choice for individuals and families seeking to discover their true potential while renewing relationships and improving health and wellness. Soltreks is truly a trek for the soul.

Soltreks offers custom One-on-One and family treks, young adult groups and an adolescent Summer Adventure Program. For additional information, trek and retreat dates, or an application, contact Jen Rosa-Dupuis at 218.834.4607 or Soltreks is an outdoor behavioral healthcare program and an organizational member of OBHIC, NATWC, ISPA and AEE.

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