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Posted: Apr 18, 2011 19:36

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Blueprint Education
Glendale, AZ

Now Offers College Credits

Marmy Kodras,
Marketing Director
800-426-4952 ext 4840

April 18, 2011

Blueprint Education, a nonprofit educational organization, along with Feather River College, is pleased to announce that Soltreks has raised the academic bar by offering college credits for its wilderness program.

Soltreks is a unique outdoor education and leadership program unlike others offering customized One-on-One and Small Group treks. This wilderness therapy program is named Soltreks-a trek for the soul-with the intent on making a difference in the lives of children, young adults, and families. Without recreating any of its activities or programs, Soltreks is able to provide college credits for young adults who are exploring the world of outdoor education or who are seeking careers in that area. The Soltreks outdoor leadership experience builds confidence by teaching skills and empowering students to reach their true potential. Navigating one's way in the wilderness is a skill that easily translates into navigating one's life outside of wilderness. "Soltreks already offers high school and dual credit and we are excited to expand credit opportunities to our young adults," states Lorri Hanna, Founder, President and Executive Director of the Two Harbors, MN.-based Soltreks. "The personal growth that our students gain while on trek is priceless and now our young adults have the opportunity to earn college credits."

Soltreks "Young Adult Outdoor Leadership and Personal Growth" program starts this summer in mid-August. Participants will gain valuable insight about themselves through this process and uncover those intrinsic traits that build upon each person's uniqueness. This is particularly important during the gap years. Soltreks will continue to maintain their small group size with the integrity and commitment they have shown for 14 years. If you are seeking a structured therapeutic outdoor experience or if you're a student taking a semester away from school, this program provides immersion into communication and interpersonal skills that may support you for the rest of your life while accumulating college level credit.

Blueprint Education has a unique partnership at the post secondary level with Feather River College in California. "FRC, as an accredited college, can provide college credit for participants and instructors in many of the field-based programs that Blueprint facilitates. Students clearly benefit, as they can jump-start or continue their education. This accentuates the benefits of higher education and the personal discipline that accompanies it," says Darla S. DeRuiter, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and Outdoor Recreation Leadership and Chair of the Division of Professional and Technical Studies for FRC.

Blueprint Education programs and courses provide quality standards for sound educational programs established by several accrediting agencies.

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