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Posted: Feb 17, 2016 13:58

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Sedona Sky Academy

Tracy Schrunk Joins
Sedona Sky Academy

Rodney Adams, MS
Executive Director
(928) 567-1322

We are pleased to announce that Tracy Schrunk, LCSW, has joined Sedona Sky Academy as a primary therapist. Tracy has nearly 20 years of clinical experience with adolescents and young adults, and was most recently a girls' group field therapist at Outback Therapeutic Expeditions, one of the top wilderness therapy programs in the country.

Tracy began working in the behavioral health field as a rape crisis counselor at the University of Iowa and then as a residential staff supervisor at a well-known adolescent RTC in Utah. As part of her graduate training, she completed a clinical internship with a children's homeless shelter and at a behavioral health psychiatric facility. After completing her graduate work, Tracy worked with adolescent boys and girls at some of the top therapeutic treatment programs in the nation, conducting therapy, implementing treatment planning, and training therapists.

Over time, Tracy developed a strong passion for working with girls and young women, and sought to develop a program that focused specifically on women's issues. She was the initial clinical director and eventual executive director of a start-up facility for women in Texas. Tracy was responsible for creating programming specifically for young adult women struggling with trauma, substance abuse, personality disorders, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, gender identity issues, eating issues, and self-harming. Tracy also integrated equine therapy into the program.

Tracy received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, with honors, from the University of Iowa and her Masters of Social Work at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas.

We are thrilled to have Tracy's robust experience and enthusiasm join the talented clinical team at Sedona Sky. Tracy is tremendously skilled at working with clinically complex and sophisticated young women who are difficult to treat. She is creative, compassionate, and directive with the young women and challenges them to be their own authentic selves and find their own passion and vision for their lives. She has a unique ability to "see" these young women for who they really are, and identify the underlying issues that need to be addressed so that they can grow into resilient, competent young women.

Please join me in welcoming Tracy Schrunk to Sedona Sky!

Located just outside Sedona, Arizona, Sedona Sky Academy is a fully licensed and accredited residential treatment center serving adolescent girls ages 13-18 who may be experiencing family or peer conflict, academic failure, self-esteem issues, drug or alcohol use, and more. With 30 acres set in idyllic year-round weather, program highlights include a world-class horsemanship program, competitive athletics, rigorous college-prep academics and SAT and ACT scores above the national average, and outstanding family workshops and peer mentorship programs.

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