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Posted: Feb 17, 2016 14:15

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Selkirk Outdoor Leadership and Education
Sandpoint, ID

Eliza Fox To Serve As Program Director And Clinical Therapist

Dennison Webb, MA
Executive Director
928.351.SOLE (7653)

Locally owned and operated Selkirk Outdoor Leadership & Education (SOLE), Inc. welcomes Eliza G. Fox, LCSW as their new Program Director and Clinical Therapist. SOLE is a licensed and credentialed 501(c)(3) nonprofit who designs and facilitates transformational experiential and outdoor education programs for key stakeholders throughout the Inland Northwest including individuals, families, groups, schools, school districts, government agencies, and corporations.

Eliza joins SOLE from Colorado where she completed her undergraduate degree at Colorado College and Masters in Social Work from the University of Denver. Eliza comes with a wide breadth of experience developing as a professional in the therapeutic and educational fields through organizations like Second Nature Wilderness Program, Adventures Cross Country, The Bridge Project, and the Shiloh House. She is a fully Licensed Clinical Therapist in Idaho, Montana, and Colorado and will be providing therapeutic support in various capacities to include SOLE’s Journey Experience Program, a fully licensed adventure therapy program for adolescents and adults. This novel expeditionbased program provides an intentional and affordable option to other outdoor behavioral healthcare and/or clinicallybased wilderness programs.

Eliza’s roles will include, but not be limited to, formulating therapeutic plans prior and during experiences, family camps, and transitional support. She will also assist with programmatic day to day operations and administrative support to enhance and expand SOLE’s daybased and expeditionbased experiential educational program offerings.

Eliza shows great enthusiasm for her work, “SOLE is an incredible organization that is providing essential services. I am extremely excited to be apart of it. Where else could I do all the things [social work, programming, outdoor trips] I am passionate about on a daily basis?”

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