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Posted: Oct 22, 2015 14:28

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New Vision Wilderness
Medford, WI | Bend, OR

New Vision Wilderness
Soars To New Heights

Thomas A. Ahern, MA
VP of Marketing/ Business Development
CALO Family of Programs

New Vision Wilderness (NVW), located in Bend, Oregon and Medford, Wisconsin is celebrating its highest census in history. NVW was founded in February of 2007 as the first wilderness therapy program in the state of Wisconsin. Co-founders. Drew Hornbeck and Steve Sawyer created NVW with the goal of providing an affordable, clinically intensive, and trauma informed treatment experience for youth. In 2012, Drew and Steve expanded into the Pacific Northwest and later partnered with Calo to begin offering services to young adults. "We are delighted that the hard work of our dedicated staff is resulting in reoccurring business and high levels of trust from our professional referents and families," remarked Drew Hornbeck. He went on to reflect, "It's odd to reach new census heights in October, but I think this is a testament to the high clinical intensity and sophistication of our program. It's really satisfying to see the professional community recognize our value and appreciate the effectiveness of specialized services for trauma".

Last spring, as part of an ongoing quality improvement plan NVW conducted a "Perception of Care" survey of their professional referents to better understand professionals perspective on the programs quality of care. According to NVW Chief Marketer Thomas Ahern, results were encouraging. For example, one consultant wrote, "My client has multiple complex issues, Ricky has been amazing, can't even begin to give him enough praise both with my young man and his family!!" Despite the positive survey results, NVW committed themselves to enhancing communication and continuing care planning. "We think this is one of the many improvements over the past year that has made a big difference," said Heidi Strand, Executive Director of NVW Wisconsin. A large part of NVW's success can be attributed to its talented clinical, field and admissions teams, many having been with the organization for years. Liz Deardorff APSW, MSW, recently celebrated her 5 year anniversary, Adam Eager, BA 7 years, Ricky Becker, LMSW CSWA, Lacey Heinzelman, LPC, LMFT, James Nippert, MA, Rachel Grimm, BA and Dan Plaisance, BA, all with the company for about 2.5 years. "To see our senior staff remain enthusiastic helps create a positive peer culture for newer, gifted staff like Field Supervisor, Kim Belair and so many others that contributed to this milestone", interjected Steve Sawyer.

About New Vision Wilderness
NVW has programs in Wisconsin's beautiful North Woods and in Oregon's picturesque Cascade Mountain Range, near Bend, Oregon. They offer groups for adolescent and pre-adolescent boys and girls, as well as young adults. New Vision Wilderness is a specialty wilderness therapy treatment program that is Clinically Intensive, Highly Specialized and Trauma Informed. NVW was founded and designed to heal the consequences of early childhood stress. Their clients are often adopted and experience the effects of grief and loss in their lives. This early stress, often referred to as Complex Developmental Trauma, manifests itself in controlling behaviors such as defiance and opposition, as well as debilitating behaviors such as anxiety, ADHD and depression. NVW is the nation's premier "relational model" wilderness therapy program, and integrates the latest research on adverse childhood experiences. Their "relationship centered" approach coupled with a safe environment and the most effective clinical interventions serves as the backbone to their success and reputation. They believe in relationship, not consequence, as the main vehicle for change.

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