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Posted: Apr 6, 2008 11:01

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Mount Carmel Youth Ranch
Powell, WY

Mount Carmel Joins ISPA

Matt Schneider

April 3, 2008

The Mount Carmel Youth Ranch in Powell, WY has joined the Independent Small Business Alliance. ISPA is a Strategic Business Alliance made up of small or smaller programs. These programs work in a loosely formed structure led by Managing partner Andy Anderson, MRA.

Anderson is excited about having Mt. Carmel joining ISPA and the increased interest and activity related to ISPA.

Mount Carmel Youth Ranch (MCYR) is a real working cattle ranch that is located in Northern Wyoming near Cody and the East entrance to Yellowstone National Park.
Our program helps at-risk teens through a mind, body, and spirit therapy aimed at the young mans development with activities that will dramatically improve his ability to make healthier lifestyle choices.

MCYR Programs help at risk young men, ages 12-18, who display difficulty in one or more of the following areas:
Alcohol and drug abuse, Rebellious and defiant, Suspension or expulsion from school, ADD/ADHD Depression Narcissistic behavior Anxiety/Anger management, Parental control, Low self-esteem, Abandonment issues, Adoption issues Emotionally troubled, Divorce reaction, Peer Sibling conflict, Occult involvement sexual promiscuity.

Mount Carmel Youth Ranch brings the at-risk teen to the discovery of who he is through the proven therapeutic effects of experiencing the awesome wonders of God's creation in the northern Wyoming wilderness.

Parents who are looking for safe and loving help for their struggling teen will find our Wilderness Alternative Therapy program to be just what their son needs. Our time tested and proven outdoor adventure program has a therapeutic effect in helping troubled teens find their inner strength and unique gifts, as they discover their true potential in the rugged wilderness climate of Wyoming.

Mount Carmel Youth Ranch is unique in that we are a real working ranch with approximately 500-head of cattle. The integration of Reality Therapy is woven into every element of the troubled life.
Mount Carmel Youth Ranch's Academic Program is very effective in helping the troubled teen grow in confidence and self esteem as he learns that he can achieve and learn.
Our eight-week program has shown an overall success rate of more than 65%. This approach has been a successful alternative to drug and alcohol rehab programs.
This social-educational program as opposed to conventional treatment methodologies is what allows us to help our teens achieve permanent sobriety.

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