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Posted: Nov 25, 2014 16:41

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Midwest Academy

Ben Trane Talks About
Midwest Academy

Ben Trane, Owner

In its 12th year as a coed therapeutic boarding school for teens ages 12-17, owner Ben Trane in this interview talks about the school's successes and evolution. He explains he feels that a student body size of 125 is about the right size for struggling teens who need help but not intensive hospital therapy and intends to stay at that size.

He further explains that Midwest Academy had never been a member of the controversial World Wide Association of Specialty Schools and Programs (WWASSP) but is concerned that critics have associated the school with WWASSP because they once had been part of Premier Education which most WWASSP schools had used. He then explains there are significant differences between Midwest Academy and WWASSP schools in that Midwest Academy never used WWASSP style finders fees marketing techniques and having more sophisticated academics than the WWASSP schools had used.

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