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Alldredge Wilderness Journey

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Posted: May 9, 2005 20:33

Letters To Editor

March 25, 2005

Upon searching the internet looking for help for my teen daughter I came upon David Levin's name. Unfortunately there weren't alot of resources for Maryland but call him I did. We met with David on January 7 of this year and on January 10, at 5:00 a.m he had my daughter escorted to Alldredge Academy. Taking that step was one of the hardest things I've ever done. Throughout this process Mr. Levin treated us all with the utmost compassion and professionalism. Mr. Levin's partner George was the actual transport person (along with Amy) and they kept in touch with me that day. Upon dropping my daughter off George called me on his way back and told me that I had a beautiful, bright daughter who was making some poor choices and hanging with the wrong people. He assured me Alldredge would be our salvation (not in those exact words). During these last 10 weeks Mr. Levin has kept in touch and even went so far as to see my daughter at Alldredge when he was there at other times. He had a vested interest and he (still) cared! How inspiring!

Alldredge has done more for my daughter in the last 10 weeks than the prior 4 years of Therapist, Psychiatrist and Medication! They do not punish or medicate! They challenge these kids! Physically (Wilderness), Spiritually (Village), Mentally (Academic), Socially, Emotionally. Mike Beswick is the Clinical Director and he conducts the Parent/Family Workshops that are mandatory. They happen at the end of the Wilderness phase and The Village phase. They are 3 days each, all day long and they are POWERFUL. They are INFORMATIVE! They are EMPOWERING! They are INSPIRING! They are INSPIRATIONAL! and most of all, they are HELPFUL! All the staff involved with your children from Wilderness instructors, to counselors, to Village Elders are involved in the workshops. You can tell these people love your kids, you can tell they care and you can tell they work hard. These are the people that are true heroes! I want to thank you for your site! It led me to the people who are changing my daughters life. Don't get me wrong. My daughter wasn't a horrible child. She was on the wrong path, making some poor choices, very angry and very confused, and nothing we did was making a difference. Her future at that time looked unreliable at best. Now my daughter is working on her self with out peer pressure and outside interference. She is working on honesty, empathy, responsibility and family value. And while working on all this she is getting her high school diploma. She talks of goals and her future. Her relationship with her father, which 3 months ago was hostile to say the least is now positive and warm. These has not been a Picnic or Slumber Party for my daughter. She has worked hard! During the program, all during there is intense, continuous therapy. Group and Individual which does not stop at any point. This program has even changed me and my parenting skills, for the better. Finally I just want to say that Alldredge has impacted me so much I am now volunteering to work with them to get their "philosophy" out to society. I am a Alumnae Family Foundation member looking for a spot in their committee to help more children in this country. It's certainly sad how many do!

Thank you For Listening,

Rebecca Meekins


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