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Posted: Feb 5, 2016 19:48

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Kaizen Academy
Spanish Fork, UT

Kaizen Academy Announces Their New Executive Team

Dr. Ken Huey, CEO

After many years of a great partnership, Lynn Loftin and Corbin Linde are pleased to announce the expansion of their executive team with the additions of Dr. Ken Huey as CEO and Dr. Clark Hammond as Executive Director. Dr. Huey and Dr. Hammond come to Kaizen Academy with years of experience in the treatment world. Dr. Huey was the primary founder of Calo in central Missouri. Dr. Hammond has been a clinician at Outback, Alpine Academy, and Telos, and was a founding partner at Wingate. Dr. Huey will oversee all corporate functions, including expansion. Dr. Hammond will oversee operations at Kaizen's primary facility.

Kaizen Academy is the foremost residential treatment center for teenage boys who are struggling with inappropriate sexual behaviors. Kaizen has been in existence for over 25 years. For admissions information, please contact Lynn Loftin at 801-361-9917.

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