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Posted: Jul 25, 2009 11:33

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Harmony Crisis Management Group
Asheville, NC

Therapeutic Intervention And
Transport Services Offered

Larry Spain
CEO and President

July 22, 2009

With a history of hundreds of successful interventions and transports, Larry Spain now announces Therapeutic Intervention and Transport services with Harmony Crisis Management Group.

Both Larry understands the importance of a successful intervention/transport and have created a new model where parents will receive two full hours of life coaching and therapeutic support as part of each intervention/transport.

Although some believe that a successful intervention/transport is getting the adolescent from point "A" to point "B", at Harmony CMG, it involves so much more. We operate on the belief system that a successful intervention/transport includes family support, followed by safety and "buy in" from the adolescent so that he or she arrives at the program in the best state of mind. In this way, the therapeutic process begins immediately, in the home.

Harmony CMG is not just an intervention/transport company, but a full crisis coaching/counseling company that extends support beyond the traditional intervention/transport service.

We can continue supporting the family while their child is away, educating them, supporting them, preparing them for the return of their child, keeping them on the same page as the program, and ensuring a successful transition. This is the Harmony difference!

For additional information, contact Larry Spain, CEO and President or visit the website at:

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