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Posted: Jul 25, 2009 06:45

Debra Kay and Joel Kushins
Letter to the Editor
(A personal journal entry)

[The following is a letter that I sent upon notification by Alpine Academy of the staff arrest. I believe that it captures the feelings that should be remembered during this time. As background, our daughter was at Alpine Academy from September 2006 through August 2007, before the alleged incident.]

Dear Janet and Helaine and the Alpine community,

We were devastated to hear of Alpine's travails over the past few months, and we are so sorry that you've had to endure such a distraction from the real work that you do at Alpine. We are pleased that you continue to include us in the Alpine Family, and appreciate the first hand information.

I am doubly saddened that we had to make the decision not to attend the reunion this year due to financial constraints as Joel continues to be unemployed. Especially at times of crisis, I believe that the family assembling for support is essential and I'm sorry that we can't be there to give you just one more hug.

(Our daughter) graduates this Sunday from high school! What a journey it has been, and most definitely it would not have been possible without Alpine. I hope you know how much we appreciate you.

Please pass this note of support to others on your staff who might benefit from knowing that just one more family wishes you all well during this
trying time.

Debra Kay and Joel Kushins


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