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Posted: Oct 9, 2007 06:06

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Benchmark Young Adult School
Redlands, CA

Benchmark's Primary Coaches
Receive ICF Life Coach Certificates

Shelley Skaggs
Marketing & PR

October 9, 2007

Benchmark Young Adult School announces that our primary counselors have successfully completed the "Coaching Young Adults in Program" course and have obtained their International Coach Federation (ICF) sanctioned Life Coach Certificates, specific to coaching young adults in program. Those employees are now recognized as "Primary Coaches" within the Benchmark organization. Resident Counselors are also in the process of completing the training. The 39-hour course featuring lecture, practicum and an interactive approach is facilitated via a training alliance with Bill and Penelope Valentine with The Next Step for Success.

According to Penelope Valentine, founder of Next Step for Success and CTA Certified Coach, the training curriculum will provide them with the ability to increase their effective communications skills and enhance their approach when mentoring our students. "Participates can begin to use their skills immediately…They will gain an insight into recognizing the human condition, learn to expand questions and answers more effectively and teach students how to celebrate their learning process as they "reflect back" appropriately and successfully," states Ms. Valentine.

Additional levels of coaching are available and hours earned can be applied toward an advanced degree in coaching. Benchmark believes that providing this opportunity to our primary, teaching and residential staff is an invaluable resource. The value-added benefit of having certified coaches on staff indicates to students, parents, consultants and other related programs our commitment to providing the best young adult program that we can offer.

For further information regarding certified coaching, please visit the Next Step for Success web site at, or read the recent articles about coaching on website under "Essays" in the August issue at (

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