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Posted: Feb 5, 2016 18:17

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Alpine Academy
Erda, UT

Addition Of New Family Teachers To Alpine Academy Campus

Jason Stout
Marketing Director
435-833-8090 (office)

Alpine Academy is excited to introduce a new set of Family Teachers to campus. Family Teachers are a married couple that live in our residences with the students. Each Family Teacher couple in responsible for the running of a home and the care of 10 students who live in the home with them. They are the primary point of contact for parents of our youth and the hub of information and collaboration between the residential, clinical, and academic teams. They get trained and certified in the Teaching-Family Model to provide teaching and skill development for the social-emotional development of our youth. They are one of the key elements to Alpine Academy's unique and successful approach.

Our newest couple, Cory and Leslie Paulos, relocated from Oklahoma with their daughter Kaylee (age 7) to join the Alpine Academy Team. Cory and Leslie bring several years of experience working with families and children, and have previous experience using the Teaching-Family Model.

Cory has been certified in the Teaching-Family Model three times and was elected TFA (Teaching-Family Association) Distinguished Practitioner of the year in 2008. He has also filled the role of a Group Home Program Consultant. Prior to his last 13 years of working with families and children, Cory was in the entertainment industry.

Leslie joins the team with 2 years' experience in the Teaching-Family Model and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. Leslie has also worked with children and families through state agencies as a Family Case Worker and a Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Specialist.

The Paulos family enjoys spending time together watching movies, listening to music, playing games, and attending church together. They are excited and appreciative of the opportunity to encourage, support, and grow with the professionals and families of Alpine Academy.

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