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How to Use the Search Feature

Locate the Search box on the left side of any archives page. Type in the words related to articles you'd like to see. Then click Go.

Performing Advanced Searches

Advanced searches are easy too. Advanced searches are performed by placing an inclusion or exclusion operator in front of any of the terms you are searching for.

For example, if you wanted to find all the articles about boarding schools with a wilderness program, you might try searching for the keywords boarding school wilderness. If you just type in those words, the results you get will be pages that contain any one, two or all three of those words somewhere on the page. If you included a plus (+) sign in front of each word, then the search engine would know that you only want articles that contain all three of the words.

Here's an example of how to type in the previous example with the inclusion operator:

+boarding +school +wilderness

Another option is to use an exclusion. That's the minus sign (-). Let's say you wanted to find all articles about boarding schools but you didn't want to read any articles about wilderness programs. Here's how you would type that into the search box:

+boarding +school -wilderness

The previous search query would show articles that include both of the words "boarding" and "school", but not the word "wilderness".

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