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New Perspectives - Aug, 1998 Issue #53

Score At the Top!
Quality SAT Preparation at Emotional Growth Boarding Schools
by: Judi & Alan Robinovitz
Vero Beach, Florida
888 GET-1600 or 561-778-8001

With the increased emphasis on SAT scores in college admissions, SAT preparation has become more and more common among today’s high school students. To help create an “even playing field,” families and schools are seeking out quality SAT preparation for their students. 

SAT preparation is readily available in most metropolitan areas, but there are few rural opportunities where emotional growth boarding schools tend to be located. That’s why Judi Robinovitz, Certified Educational Planner and noted SAT expert, took her unique SAT prep workshop, Score At the Top, on the road. 

As a 23-year veteran of Educational Testing Service, Robinovitz authored the College Board’s official SAT prep software and wrote the strategy chapter of their SAT prep books. As a result, she created Score At the Top, an interactive and entertaining seminar- style program that emphasizes test-taking strategies and critical thinking skills. 

Since 1980, Robinovitz and her team of trained specialists have coached thousands of students to significant score gains on the SAT. Making exclusive use of current, actual tests, they teach skills that serve a much broader purpose than SAT preparation: they are life skills, designed to help teenagers strengthen the analytic, reading, and vocabulary skills they’ll need in college and beyond. 

As the mother of a successful dyslexic student, Robinovitz created Score At the Top to be especially effective for LD and ADD students. Scoring a perfect 1600 last year, Robinovitz has created a program that is equally effective for students at the top of the class. 

A recent SAT Weekend Workshop at Mount Bachelor Academy kept students practically spellbound. The ten seniors were amazed by some of the new test- taking strategies they learned, especially the guessing and pacing techniques that will help them raise their scores merely by being more “test smart.” Robinovitz was delighted to hear her students use their newfound vocabulary to impress their friends and teachers during their lunch breaks. Last semester, one of the Score At the Top teaching specialists presented a week-long workshop at the Academy at Swift River. 

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