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News & Views - Aug, 1998 Issue #53

By: Bobbi Christensen
Crater Lake School
Sprague River, Oregon

Crater Lake School would like to thank the Oregon State Department of Human Resources, the Oregon State Police and Child Protective Services for spending the time and money to clear the schools’ name of any accusations made by disgruntled ex-employees, vindictive neighbors or revengeful students. This was a very trying time in our school’s history, but as Dr. Giem refers to “just another one of those ‘speed bumps’ that we’re growing accustomed to.” All state agencies found “no substantiation” to any of the allegations made against the school. It was a relief to hear that we “are not promoting homosexuality because our girls did not get pregnant!” We have had many “speed bumps” over the last year all of which have brought us closer as a staff and strengthened the bond we share of creating a great school. One of the biggest speed bumps came in April when Tim, our visionary and originator died of cancer. This left a huge hole for a few weeks, but to his credit, the Board of Directors and his wife Bobbi has filled his shoes. 

We’ve heard some “amazing” rumors since Tim’s death that need to be clarified. Dr. David Giem is still with us for the “duration” …he’s not going anywhere! David is one of the Board members and is committed to our school’s success. His wife is NOT dying of breast cancer, however his mother is very ill. Due to this illness and the recent death of another family member, he is not moving his family to our area. He lives on campus Monday through Sunday, goes home for seven days and then returns. The “miracles” we have seen in changes with our students because of Dr. Dave’s influence and expertise has been remarkable. 

We had ten students graduate from our program this year. Three of these students received their high school diplomas, three others passed their GED, and one received the highest score Klamath County had ever seen. He received a full scholarship to the local college. 

Crater Lake School is building a “winning ball team.” Not all staff is going to meet our high standards for the ball team and some will be “traded.” Eric Thomas, Ernie Patterson and Kristin Daly are some of our new staff. Eric is our new Headmaster (Dr. Dave is now Medical Director), Ernie and Kristin are new faculty. 

We’ve had a great summer backpacking, hiking and fishing and are looking forward to another winter of skiing, snowboarding and winter camping. ”Tent City,” our environmental studies program is in “full swing” with the students earning their CPR and First Aid cards, learning wilderness skills and focusing on flora and fauna of the area. 

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