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New Perspectives - Jun, 1998 Issue #52 

“Dedicated to Creating a Lasting Impression”
(A program of The Brown Schools Community Living Programs)
Austin, Texas
Susan Forsberg, Admissions Coordinator

“On Track is The Brown Schools’ therapeutic wilderness program which is an innovative, emotional, and educational intervention for teenaged boys and girls.”

“On Track, located in the Texas Hill Country, is dedicated to creating experiences for our students that will leave a lasting impression. Our twenty-eight day program is an ideal transition for those students who are in need of a structured intervention before going home or to an educational setting away from home.”

“The outdoor setting is used as a tool to increase self esteem, developing problem solving skills, and establishing productive goal setting routines. Accomplishments during the program include learning accountability for actions, celebrating success, and learning wilderness related skills and values clarification.” “The educational component of the program is based on Ecology and Life and Physical Sciences curriculum. By working in conjunction with the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife, our students study exotic animals such as Kudu, Thompson’s Gazelles, Sables, and other native animals. A study of plant life, ecosystems, and geology also occurs. Educational credit for participation in the On Track program is achievable through the local school district.”

“The professional team of On Track consists of the program director, licensed therapists, and certified special education teachers. A clinical evaluation is conducted upon enrollment to determine the intensity of therapeutic services for each student. Group counseling is provided for the students twice a week for a total of three hours per week. Individual counseling is provided when clinically indicated. Specialized groups in an educational format are also provided for those students dealing with substance abuse related issues.”

“The therapeutic program focuses on safety and responsibility. The On Track instructors are specially trained in the use of a positive peer culture model. This approach teaches accountability and leadership to the students. It serves as a powerful source in producing a caring and supportive environment for students to address their challenges.”

The program explains their program by an analogy with the tracks left behind in the wilderness. “Tracks and signs are physical evidence left in passing. For thousands of years, man and animals alike have used tracks and signs for survival. The tracks or impressions that we leave may not be perceptible by sight or smell but are as real as any physical evidence. If we hurt or encourage someone, the impression may last for years. Some of us leave slight impressions and others leave an obvious path. If someone were to “track us down” by the non-physical evidence of our passing, would the impressions we left be destructive or edifying?”

“By observing our environment and those with whom we share it, we can more effectively find our place in it. Likewise by reviewing our own trails, we will be better able to direct our future paths. Are we impacting or impressing?”

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