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Opinion & Essays - Apr, 1998 Issue



Dear Lon: 

I found your web site extremely helpful and spent a great deal of time exploring all the options presented. I am particularly interested in the Catherine Freer Wilderness program and have had discussions with them and they are sending me further information. I want to talk to some parents that have sent their children there and get some feedback as well. They do have some testimonials on their web site. I was wondering if you have any first hand knowledge of this program or know anyone who has. I think their methods make a lot of sense and it is something more realistic for us on a cost basis, but things can look good in writing and not actually be that great! Donna 

Hi Donna: Glad the web site helped. So far as talking to parents whoíve sent children to Catherine Freer, just ask them for a list with names and phone numbers. I canít give you any names for confidentiality reasons, but Catherine Freer, and virtually all the schools and programs listed in my publications, keep a list of parents who have given permission for their names and phone numbers to be given out to prospective parents. Iíve referred many children to Catherine Freer Wilderness Therapy Expeditions, and have worked with them extensively for some time now. Iíve consistently found Catherine Freer to be safe, effective, and responsive. 


Dear Lon: 

Linda Shaffer steered us in the right direction 4 years ago with our then 20 (almost 21) year old son. He went through the Explorations program with Lorne & Penny. From there to the Wilderness Treatment Center, to a halfway house in Minneapolis with wonderful, positive results. He has gained control of his life again, has worked summers for Lorne & Penny in Montana, gone back to college and is close to receiving his degree in Substance/Alcohol Abuse counseling and plans to work with troubled teens full time (he is working part time with them at this point). He is a great believer in the wilderness based program and is living proof that it can work. I thought the materials Iím ordering for him would be good resource materials for him. Thanks again to Linda Shaffer. 

His Mom, Janice 

Dear Lon: 

All of us at Bridges Academy want to take this opportunity to commend you for your valuable and consistent leadership in this industry. 

We especially want to applaud your initiative in inaugurating the Woodbury Web Page (www.woodbury.com which enables parents unaware of IECA Consultants to find helpful programs for their troubled teens. 

A strong 50% of our enrollment activity at Bridges Academy is a direct result of being listed on your Web Page. We thank you for your support. 

Darrel McOmber, Executive Director 
Bridges Academy, Bend, Oregon 

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