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New Perspectives - Feb, 1998 Issue #50

A trailhead to success
Camp Verde, Arizona
Tammy Prince Behrmann, Admissions Director

Copper Canyon Academy is a small privately owned school for young women 12 to 16 years of age. It is about 80 miles north of Phoenix and 60 miles south of Flagstaff, close to the small community of Camp Verde. Students can take advantage of the surrounding area of wide open spaces, pine covered peaks, ancient ruins, and hiking trails. 

The schools’ intent is to combine a caring atmosphere with structure so as to help the girls work out problems such as drug and alcohol use, choosing negative peers, depression and low self-esteem, poor school performance, anger and/or verbal aggressiveness. The school focuses on all aspects of a students life to blend each with the others so as to help develop a complete, well-rounded person. 

There are five areas they consider are especially important to work on. The emotional component has the girls participating in individual, group and family therapy, which includes a series of intense workshops. These are to give the girls and their families the opportunity “to take a look at specific issues such as, honesty, integrity, trust, responsibility, accountability, anger, self-esteem and self-awareness.” 

The Social emphasis includes learning social skills and interactions in the community as a daily way of life, as well as learning how to build a community of teamwork based on friendship and respect. 

The Mental is fostered by a challenging and fully accredited academic curriculum. This includes classes in the basic core subjects as well as in electives such as Art, Drama, Speech and Music. Also there are extensive plans for educational field trips to Native American ruins, the Grand Canyon, volcanoes, etc. which will provide learning experiences in Science, History, Nature, English composition and Culture. 

The physical aspect is emphasized because a student’s life is enhanced when she feels good physically. It starts with well- balanced meals, and the importance of students learning the benefits of eating nutritiously, and cooking skills. Also, every day contains physical exercise which includes a combination of calisthenics, stretching, sports, walking, hiking, etc. 

Spirituality is explored by the students having “the chance to discover for themselves the existence of a Supreme Being.... Weekly meetings are held to discuss and share student’s different beliefs with each other.” Also, the students participate in service projects to experience those feelings “only felt when serving others....”

“Students discover who they are and learn to share themselves with the people they come into contact with.” “...each student has the opportunity of leading a committee or project, developing budgeting skills, planning a garden, developing a resume, building crafts, etc.”

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