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News & Views - Feb, 1998 Issue #50 

“Where academic achievement and emotional growth are balanced.”

A statement by:
Darrel McOmber, Ex. Dir.
Louthea L. Griffin, Co-Dir, Academics
Joan McOmber, Co-Dir, Human Relations
Bend, Oregon 888-283-7362 

(What is now Bridges Academy was formerly the long term school portion of Sage School. The amiable split from the short term wilderness program was announced last Fall - See Woodbury Reports, Issue #49, December 1997, Seen n’Heard p. 23. -Lon) 

In the event we didn’t meet you personally at either the Nashville or Philadelphia IECA conventions, we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce Bridges Academy, a coed residential school with a unique program and management team. The feature which most distinguishes us from other residential schools is the balancing of emotional growth and academic achievement. Our experience confirms that emotional growth and academic success are co-evolutionary; developed together, they work to reinforce each other. 

To achieve this outcome our entire staff (general, counseling and academic) operates as a fully integrated team. Weekly we meet face-to-face exchanging information, assessing a teen’s progress and formulating action plans. Because Bridges Academy accepts a maximum of 22 students, we can provide this personalized attention to each teen under our care. Our program of around-the-clock supervision includes disciplined living, professional counseling, nutritional awareness, physical fitness, enrichment activities and academic studies in an accredited program. 

As you well know, not every teen is the sole architect of his/her problems; unwittingly parents may have played a role. So, the second unique feature of the Bridges Academy program is optional counseling support for parents, and at no extra cost! Weekly telephone counseling integrates parental concerns with those of the child, ensuring that both are working toward the same goals and objectives. Integrated counseling facilitates an early and successful return of the child to his/her family; the goal of our program is family reunification. 

Who are the people behind Bridges Academy’s uniquely successful approach? All of us! And we look forward to meeting you at the spring IECA convention or right here at Bridges Academy. If traveling in the Pacific Northwest or skiing Mt. Bachelor, please arrange a visit to our school. There is daily scheduled air service to nearby Redmond airport from Portland and Seattle. We also invite you to contact us for more program information. 

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