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New Perspectives - Dec, 1998 Issue #55

Kramer's Individualized Development Services
For 18-20 Year Old Males
Spokane, Washington
By: Steve Kramer, Director

(KIDS Inc. has recently shifted its population to working with young men ages 18 to 20. –Lon) 

There are many reasons why a teenager falters on his way to a high school diploma. Kids Inc. gives an 18-20 year old young man the guidance and tools to make the transition from teenager to adult. We achieve this with an assisted living environment and role modeling by adults who work with the child. Teenagers who act out, make poor choices and lack focus on scholastic achievements sometime needs a second chance in a new environment to help them take the next step in life. Regardless of the cause, we all know the value of a “Traditional High School Diploma.” Kids Inc. offers a program that allows young men to graduate with that High School Diploma. Depending on the credits that have been earned, and the intelligence level of the student, the pathways available to the young man vary. In some cases the students are able to attend High School and College earning dual credits with no out of state tuition. 

Physical fitness and structured sports interaction make up a large part of the young man’s growth while here at KIDS Inc. Each student is given a health club membership. In conjunction with the fitness program the guys are tough about proper foods to eat. With a personal trainer to motivate and assist with weight lifting, monitoring of fitness accomplishments in cardiovascular and strength building is on going. 

As young adults, activities are geared toward their age, and vary depending on the time of year. The fall and winter sports favored are football and basketball. The two colleges favored are Washington State and Gonzaga University. The Northwest is a haven for outdoor recreation, with an abundance of lakes and high mountains providing year round activities. This includes winter activities such as skiing and sledding. Summer activities include hiking, swimming and overnight camping. These activities enhance self-esteem and give icons for the young man to build upon. They make for a positive way of life as the young man grows, acquiring the tools to solve many situations that occur in every day life. 

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