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Seen 'n Heard - Aug, 1995 Issue (page 1).

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July 5, 1995

Redcliff Ascent Looking for Exp. Wilderness Staff 
Darrell Lewis, Executive Director of Redcliff Ascent, headquartered in St. George, Utah, put out a call this week that he has an immediate need for experienced wilderness instructors. He is especially in need for individuals who would be capable of taking on expedition Head positions relatively quickly. Lewis explained that the need has come about due to a faster expansion of enrollments than he anticipated. He reported that as of this weekend, they had 47 young people out on trips. The goal this summer was to start a trip out every two weeks. Instead, a trip started last week, and they have commitments to fill another trip this week. The problem has become availability of staff to adequately cover each trip. He reports the larger than anticipated demand is what causes them to need additional staff as soon as possible. Lewis believes their salaries are competitive, with experienced Head trail staff easily getting $75 a day. If you know an experienced, competent wilderness person, who works well with kids with troubles, and is looking for an immediate opportunity, please have them call Darrell Lewis at 800-898-1244. 

July 13, 1995

After four years of living in northern California, Katherine has moved back to the Los Angeles area. She reports her practice is booming, and she has taken on two new associates, Ada Horwich and Patsy Palmer who will focus on college counseling. Katherine will continue to work in all placement areas including crisis intervention. Her phone number remains as 310-274-6262, with a new Fax # 310-274-7205 at 9744 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 430, Beverly Hills, CA 90212. ROGER AND MARGARET GEORGE LAUNCH ADOLESCENT TRANSPORT BUSINESS (ATE) Headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, Roger and Margaret George sent out a flyer the first week in July announcing their new transportation service. They request professionals contact them directly so they can explain their background and their service. 205-882-6118. PHYLLIS STEINBRECHER ANNOUNCES DIEDERIK VAN RENESSE AS A NEW ASSOCIATE Starting July 1, Phyllis Steinbrecher of Westport, Connecticut welcomed Diederik van Renesse as her associate. Diederik has been working with Phyllis S. Steinbrecher Associates on a part-time basis since January. Diederik has 17 years of admission experience at the secondary level and 12 years of college counseling experience. We expect that more flexible time will be available for families to meet with either one of us. Diederik will meet with families on many Saturdays in Westport, will open an office in Norfolk, CT and I will continue to be at my New York City office at least one day a week. 203-227-3190. 

I watched the 9pm broadcast last night and felt it was the standard media focus on a sensational tragedy, while including only a few seconds of parents and teenagers who swore by the program and how it has saved children's lives. By all reports, the June 16 broadcast by CNN for Turner Broadcasting featuring Sharon Collins was closer to a fair balance. 

July 18, 1995

The following is a copy of a letter sent to Stone Phillips, Dateline NBC by Ken Stettler, Program Coordinator, Division of Youth Corrections, Dept. Of Human Services, State of Utah. Permission granted. July 13, 1995 Dear Mr. Phillips: After viewing your segment Wednesday night concerning North Star Expeditions, Inc., and the tragic death of Aaron Bacon, I've been quite concerned that an erroneous message was presented that desperately needs to be corrected. Several of the parents supporting North Star remarked that the State (namely me) had recommended the program to them for their children. I receive numerous calls daily from parents enquiring about various programs for youth that operate in the State of Utah. Although I try to assist parents in making an educated choice by sharing with them any substantiated concerns or complaints about a program, I strictly adhere to a personal policy to never recommend any one program over another. With 160 plus youth programs currently licensed in the State, it would be grossly inappropriate to do so. How these parents construed the opinion that I recommended the program - I can only suppose that, if in fact they did speak with me about North Star, then they heard what they wanted to hear, and perhaps the lack of prior complaints about the program was interpreted by them as an endorsement. I am grateful their children were helped by the program, but continue to be deeply saddened by the Bacons tragic loss. I still recommend that parents do all they can to check out a program before enrolling their child. Visit the program. Interview staff, clinicians, administrators, and program participants. Contact the State licensing agent to inquire about complaints, concerns, history, etc. But, beware if the agent recommends any program over another, it simply is not ethical. It's not fair to other programs, the parents who are enquiring, and certainly not to the child who may be enrolled. The parents are the only ones who can determine which program best suits the personal needs of their child. No one else has that right, or responsibility. 

Best Personal Regards,

Ken Stettler Program Coordinator

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