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Opinion & Essays - Aug, 1995 Issue #35 

Sheron Fitch, Admissions Coordinator
Mesa, Arizona

Anasazi (na.ha.sa.zi) n. A Navajo word commonly interpreted as the ancient ones or wise teachers. According to the legends, these wise teachers taught that a man's walking is individual - forward for right choices and backward for wrong choices - and a forward walking can only be achieved with the help of the Great Spirit. 

The Rabbitstick Walking is a gentle meeting with nature and its laws of survival. It leads Young Walkers away from distractions, conflicts and struggles. Through a progression of blanket steppings, Young Walkers are invited to leave the old walking behind and begin anew. 

The Badgerstone Walking is centered around the Anasazi legends, skills (such as: cordage from plant fiber, fire without matches, stone arrowheads, etc.) And makings. On the trail and around the campfire, staff will share stories of forward walkings and help identify the awakenings of the heart. 

The Morning Star Clan gives Young Walkers an opportunity for leadership, service and living the making of a trusting. This is where participants learn of repentance and forgiveness and prepare to walk a higher form of walking. 

The Lone Walking prepares Young Walkers to reunite with parents and begin a new walking together. While camping together in the harmony of the wilderness, with the quiet sounds of earth and sky and through the talking of the heart, relationships can be healed. 

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