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Seen 'n Heard - Dec, 1995 Issue (page 1).

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Darrow School Appoints Director Of Admissions
J. Kirk Russell III has been appointed Director of Admissions at Darrow School in New Lebanon, New York. 

CEDU Family Of Services Has A Homepage
CEDU Family of Services now has it's own Homepage on the Internet's World Wide Web. Although still under construction, their Homepage already contains information about CEDU and its seven schools and programs. It's address is www.cedu.com and they welcome everyone to stop by and visit. Eventually, they envision parents of CEDU students will be able to access schedules and Parent Resource information from their homes, 24-hours a day. 

CEDU Family Of Services Reports On Staff Changes
Greg Rupp and Lana Livesey have been named Admissions Directors for Southern California and Northern Idaho, respectively. Both Directors will continue their roles as Admissions Counselors, with the added responsibility of planning and implementing the admissions goals for their regions. Greg Rupp has been with the CEDU Family of Services for a year and a half and takes the place of Daniel Conroy, who is now handling Professional Relations from the CEDU Educational Services office in Boulder, Colorado. Lana Livesey has been with CEDU for more than two years and, like Greg, started as an Admissions Counselor. 

Spring Creek Reports On Student Progress
At Spring Creek Community in Thompson Falls, Montana, 406-827-4344, senior student Chris Bissonnette is readying herself for a NOLS course (National Outdoor Leadership School) in Kenya this winter. This and other special projects are woven into the curriculum towards graduation. Another student, Zoe Stiler, is in Maine as an apprentice to British artist Hugh O'Donnell, where she will spend her senior year learning the rudimentaries of oil painting. After 16 months at SCC, Zoe is working towards her graduation with this senior project. 

Spring Creek Participates In Theater This Winter
Spring Creek Community will also be participating in the local Sanders County Community Theater this winter, staging either Godspell or Sound of Music. Students and staff are also very involved with local 12-step groups which have grown substantially in the past few years.

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