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Quotes - Dec, 1995 Issue 

"It is hardly surprising that the past decade has seen a virtual explosion in clinical diagnosis and treatment of ADHD, especially in the United States.  Our preoccupation with the academic zeal of the Japanese competition has led to a national commitment to homework that is nothing short of mass hysteria.  If the educational demands on grade school children continue to pile, ADHD will develop in virtually everyone."
- C. Thomas Gaultieri, Neuropsychiatry of Personality Disorders
Edited by John Ratey, recently published 
"If the law were to abolish the status of minority and to reverse its assumption of children's incompetency, the result would be an implicit presumption that children, like other persons, are capable of exercising rights and assuming responsibilities until it is proven otherwise.  Empirical differences among children would then serve as the grounds for making exceptions to this presumption and for justifying rational state restrictions."
- Hillary Rodham-Clinton, Harvard Educational Review, Nov. 1973 
"Moral is what you feel good after.  Immoral is what you feel bad after."
- Ernest Hemingway 
The National Academy of Sciences did a study in 1986 that projected that 27% of all boys in the USA will be arrested before their 18th birthday.  for urban areas, the figures were between 30 and 40 percent.
"Punishment alone has never made a bad character into a good one, or even insured temporary good behavior. . . Good discipline is mainly based on mutual love and respect.  In childhood it has to be reinforced with teaching, firmness, reminders.  Punishment is only one form of reminder. . . to get a child back into the groove.  If there is no groove, the job is too great for punishment alone.  The real work of the parent is to keep the child out of trouble - by making it ever clear to him what is expected and by stepping in early and firmly when he starts to go wrong - rather than to let matters get out of control and then have to decide whether to punish and how."
- Dr. Spock Talks With Mothers
"Not only is 20 the maximum workable number of students in a class.  It's also the largest workable number of teachers in a school."
- Deborah Meier, East Harlem School
"The Discipline of desire is the background of character."
- John Locke

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