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News & Views - Oct, 1995 Issue #36 


WOODBURY REPORTS is now available internationally via the World Wide Web. An extension of the philosophy of the Newsletter, the Woodbury Reports Web Home Page takes advantage of the unique developing medium of the Internet. Professionals and parents can tap into the WR Home Page as an instant information resource, or as an outlet for their services and ideas. 

The Internet is a network that spans the globe, connecting over 100 million computers. The medium is a graphical one. It uses pictures and text to make significant points, and can also incorporate full- motion video with stereophonic sound! With the rapidly rising users of the Internet, there are very few mediums which can provide the impact of a World Wide Web Page. None can match the intimacy and privacy of this two-way means to communicate with potential or current clients and other professionals in the field. We expect the WR Home Page to significantly expand the networking potential of professionals and parents working with struggling children. 

Initial information on the Home Page includes the latest newsletter, upcoming meetings of interest to professionals working with emotional growth schools and programs, recent e-mail bulletins, and publications available through WR along with ordering information. Future additions might include access to past issues of the newsletter along with key word search capabilities, links to the Home Pages of participating schools and programs, and directories which could be downloaded directly from the Home Page. 

Access to the World Wide Web requires a computer with a modem, subscription to a "gateway" service, and software capable of reading Home Page material. All of these are easily available on the market, and are relatively inexpensive and not all that hard to learn how to use. If you are already "surfing the net," please stop by and visit the WR Home Page. I would appreciate any suggestions as to how the Home Page would be of more value to you. If you are interested in taking advantage of this exciting new method of making your services known, please give me a call. My technical specialists and I would be happy to show you how this easy to use medium can be of advantage to your service. 

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