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Posted: Sep 17, 2014 16:29

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Woodbury Reports, Inc.
Bonners Ferry, ID

Tales2Inspire: Replenish Your Soul

Lois W. Stern, Author and Founder of Tales2Inspire, was our guest on The Woodbury Report, Tuesday, September 16, 2014.

Host: Lon Woodbury, MA, CEP, IECA
President/ Founder
Woodbury Reports, Inc.
Bonners Ferry, ID

Lois W. Stern joined host, Lon Woodbury on 'The Woodbury Report' to share some of the most inspirational stories she has come across in her series of books, Tales2Inspire. Lois, an active educator and lifelong writer, is the initiator of an "Authors Helping Authors' project/contest called Tales2Inspire…filled with fascinating human interest stories, written by 'well-established writers and talented newbies' alike.

Today's focus was on stories involving children and young adults. These are s.Stories that tell of conflicts they had faced, the adversities they had to overcome and the perseverance they each individually had shown. Lois shared several stories with titles such as: No Such Word as Can't- of a young girl, born without legs, who was adopted from another country. Raised to believe she do whatever she wanted to do…she grew up and never heard the word 'handicapped," and became an accomplished acrobat. Another story- God Made a Mistake- tells the story of a young girl, adopted at age 6 months, who at the age of 18 learned to come to terms with her fears and feelings of abandonment with the help of her family. As I Am- is once again, the story of a small boy, who through a tragic accident became a paraplegic and through his work with a psychologist found that he had more power inside of him then he knew.

These books are filled with personal stories of inspiration, hope and perseverance. Often the messages in the stories speak of life being limitless if you don't give up, use determination and the ever present love of family and friends. Each book is named after a gemstone- The Emerald Collection: the Topaz Collection and The Sapphire Collection. As she spoke with us, Lois assured us that a fourth book is well underway.

Lois W. Stern

Listen to the full interview here: Tales2Inspire: Replenish Your Soul

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